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The 10 Most Chilled-Out Nations Around the Globe

The 10 Most Chilled-Out Nations Around the Globe

Indonesia is the most chilled out country in the world followed by Australia, a new study has revealed.

Researchers came up with a list of the most relaxing nations by analysing a number of factors including the personal rights of citizens, noise and light pollution, temperatures, the number of public holidays and the number of spa retreats.

Claiming third place in the ranking is Iceland, followed by New Zealand in fourth and Sri Lanka in fifth.

The research, which was carried out by, found top ranking Indonesia has over 54,700 miles of coastline - meaning a beach is never too far away.

The study also revealed that the country has over 186 green spaces and an average temperature of 25 degrees centigrade making it the perfect place to watch waves.

Second-place Australia gives workers an average of 30 days annual leave, has over 25,000 miles of coastline and has 187 green spaces.

Despite having an average temperature of 1.75 degrees, third-place Iceland gives workers an average of 36 days of annual leave and is one the best places to enjoy the Northern Lights.

New Zealand was praised for its citizens getting around 31 days of annual leave per year so that they can enjoy the country's 253 green spaces and 15,000 miles of coastline.

While fifth-place Sri Lanka has average temperatures of nearly 27 degrees, lush rainforests and citizens enjoying an average of 40 days holiday.

In sixth placed is Cyprus followed by the Philippines (seventh), Greece (eighth), India (ninth) and Mauritius (10th).

The top 15 is rounded off by Costa Rica (11th), Portugal (12th), Bulgaria (13th), Croatia (14th) and Spain (15th). 


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