"Philippines is The Most Stressed-Out Nation in Southeast Asia", Gallup Survey Said

"Philippines is The Most Stressed-Out Nation in Southeast Asia", Gallup Survey Said

According to Gallup's 2022 State of the Global Workplace survey, stress levels have risen to a new all-time high globally, with the Philippines having one of the highest levels of stress of any nation.

Gallup, a global analytics and advisory organization, used large polls to gauge the emotional moods of people in more than 100 different countries. The global analytic company recorded "yes," "no," and "don't know or refused to answer" replies from respondents aged 15 and older in one survey performed from 2021 to early 2022.

The day before the survey was conducted, respondents were questioned in a recent survey about their emotions, such as stress level, anger, and melancholy.

In comparison to other Southeast Asian countries, Filipino respondents reported experiencing stress at a rate of 48%. Additionally, it is greater than the 44 percent average for the world.

Additionally, it places the Philippines ahead of its less stressed neighbors in the area, such as Thailand (41%), Cambodia (38%) Cambodia, Myanmar (37%), and Vietnam (37%).

Indonesia was the least stressed Southeast Asian nation according to the survey.

Additionally, the Philippines came in second place regionally for daily feelings of despair at work (32%) and third place for daily feelings of anger (24%).

When it comes to everyday worry, the nation comes in eighth in Southeast Asia.

Comparatively, the global statistics show that 40% of people worry every day, 23% are depressed, and 21% are angry.

Despite the fact that many Filipinos are currently dissatisfied at work, there is some good news: according to the same report, the Philippines had the highest rate of employee engagement at 31%.

Engaged workers, according to Gallup, are "very involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. They serve as psychological "owners," spur innovation and excellence, and advance the organization.

The Philippines has notably rated first in the report's categories for "learned something" and "treated with respect," even if the nation is among the top three in terms of stress, anger, and sadness.

The highest rate of any nation in Southeast Asia, 78 percent of Filipinos responded "yes" when asked if they learned something new or did something interesting the day before the survey was conducted. Malaysia came in second with 56% of the vote, Thailand came in second with 71%.

95% of Filipinos who were asked if they believed they were treated with respect agreed, falling under the category of "respect." Vietnam came in second with 92 percent of the vote, followed by Indonesia with 93 percent.



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