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Special for Southeast Asia, Amazon Prime Video Launches Local Services and Content Slates

Special for Southeast Asia, Amazon Prime Video Launches Local Services and Content Slates

Amazon is to launch localized versions of its Prime Video streaming platform in three countries in Southeast Asia. It will make new investments in local content to go along with the business push.

Start on Monday (August 1st, 2022), the service will go live in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. After a seven-day free trial, discounted introductory offers of IDR59,000 ($3.98), THB149 ($4.10), and PHP149 PHP ($2.69) per month that are good through the end of the year will be made available to viewers.

Consumers in these nations have previously been able to utilize Amazon for international online shopping, but Prime Video has not been an option through the Amazon Prime shopping membership program. In Southeast Asia, the Prime Video streaming service hasn't even offered regionalized content selections or user interfaces, such those with subtitles or localized user interfaces.

Southeast Asia saw the launch of Amazon Prime Video in 2016, however the region's versions of the service have never offered the localized user interfaces, subtitling, and unique content selections that are typical in more advanced countries.

The company's situational comedy improv format, Comedy Island, will be adapted for each country's audience in the company's debut Southeast Asian shows, according to Amazon. The series, which follows local comedians and celebrities as they struggle to survive after becoming stuck on a tropical island, is anticipated to be ready in 2023.

Iqbaal Ramadhan, Chicco Kurniawan, and Kiky Saputri in Indonesia; Mario Maurer in Thailand; and Anne Curtis in the Philippines will lead local marketing initiatives.

In Thailand and Indonesia, it has begun the development of a number of original products. These include the Joko Anwar-directed, full-length film "Seige At Thorn High," which is now in development at Come & See Pictures. At Four Colour Films, the movie "4 Seasons in Java," which was written by Indonesian Kamila Andini, is in development.

Local Indonesian highlights include: “Perfect Strangers” (available Oct. 17), a remake of the homonymous Italian hit movie, starring Vino G. Bastian, Adipati Dolken, and Darius Sinathrya; “Ashiap Man” (from Nov. 14), directed by Atta Halilintar; and horror movie “Kuntilanak 3” (from Oct. 10) directed by Rizal Mantovani and starring Julie Estelle.

The movie "Three Idiots and a Ghost," which is based on the Sal Kim novel and was released by Wattpad with Jungka Bangkok, is now being made in Thailand. Likewise, "How to Fake It in Bangkok" from Halo Productions, with Ananda Everingham serving as executive producer, and "Metal Casket" from writer-director Banjong Pisanthanakun ("Shutter," "The Medium") are also written television series.

Thai highlights include: “The 100” (from Dec. 12), a thriller set at the height of the pandemic starring Mike Angelo; “The Up Rank” (from Nov. 14), a coming-of-age drama thriller featuring Krit Jeerapattananuwong; and “My True Friends: The Beginning,” an action drama based on a true story set in the 1980s starring Ryu Vachirawich and Nak Charlie Trairat.

Highlights from the Philippines include the dramedy "Big Night" by Jun Lana, the romance "How To Love Mr. Heartless" (out on August 15), starring Sue Ramirez, and the surreal drama "Whether The Weather Is Fine" (out on October 10), starring Daniel Padilla.

At debut, the selection will include locally licensed content, well-known Korean movies, and popular anime series.

For many viewers in Southeast Asia, Korean content is a top priority. The portal will provide the 2021 film "Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2 The Complete" as well as the romantic comedy "Nothing Serious" ( from August).

The anime smash "Demon Slayer" and the 2021 Japan box office winner "Jujutsu Kaisen 0" will also be on the list (from Dec. 21).

Southeast Asia is a tapestry of cultures, languages, and history, and there has genuinely never been a better time to be a content creator or a content consumer in this region of the world, according to Erika North, head of Asia-Pacific Originals, Prime Video, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter. It is excited to offer customers in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and everywhere else their first three local Amazon Originals, the funny world of Comedy Island.



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