6 Mobile Legends Heroes Inspired by Southeast Asian Heroes

6 Mobile Legends Heroes Inspired by Southeast Asian Heroes

You can choose from a wide variety of heroes in Mobile Legends, all of them have unique designs and ability sets. It turns out that Southeast Asian heroes are the inspiration for a number of Mobile Legends characters.

As a result of their inclusion in one of the most popular mobile multiplayer video games in recent years, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Southeast Asian superheroes have finally made their way into the gaming spotlight.

The App Store highlights five mythical characters from Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia that ardent Mobile Legends gamers can pick from to help them in their pursuit of leaderboard dominance in a "Inside the Game" list that was recently published.

Mobile Legends, a video game created in 2016 by the Chinese company Moonton Technology, swiftly gained popularity as a pop culture phenomenon, especially in Southeast Asia, where it has attracted the greatest number of players.


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Gatotkaca is well-known because he is a well-known Indonesian hero. He entered Mobile Legends as a tank hero and is one of the characters known by the nickname "this iron balung wire muscle."

Gatotkaca was a renowned strong warrior who was skilled in strong magic. According to the App Store, he is a crucial component of Javanese folklore and a well-known figure in the shadow puppetry form known as wayang.

The character's representation in Mobile Legend is based on how he was portrayed in wayang; he wears the recognizable Antakusuma armor and wields the Brajamusti-Brajadenta gauntlets, which are said to be energized by the ghosts of his defeated enemies.

One of the game's tank-class characters, Gatotkaca, has the ability to heal himself and increase his defense. Additionally, he has a variety of skills at his disposal that can halt adversaries and launch them into the air.


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Another Indonesian mythology that served as the source of inspiration for a hero is Kadita. The goddess Kadita, also known by her more well-known name Nyi Roro Kidul, is a significant figure in Indonesia's renownedly complex Sundanese and Javanese myths.

Kadita was once a princess who fell into the sea to escape a black magic curse, according to the different myths that detail the character's exploits.

She later attained supernatural abilities and rose to become the Southern Sea's mermaid queen. Kadita, as she is portrayed in Mobile Legends, is a mage-class hero who uses her magical talents to conjure powerful waves and wreak havoc on the battlefield, living up to her local reputation as the harbinger of death in untamed waters.

Some of her skills, including Breath of the Ocean and Rough Waves, do a ton of damage and make it difficult for the enemy to move.


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A Malaysian hero who relates the tale of a slave who gains the power of Jin served as the inspiration for Badang. Badang acquires the power of a desire by freeing Jin who is imprisoned in his net.

The legendary aquatic superpowers of Badang, a former fisherman turned hero from the ancient kingdom of Singapura, include the capacity to push a ship into the sea after 300 others had failed before him and toss a huge boulder into the mouth of the Singapore River from a mountaintop.

The alleged legendary boulder's stone shard is currently regarded as a national treasure of Singapore. Badang is a fighter-class character with the power to knock back and paralyze adversaries. According to the list, Badang's First Break talent confines adversaries behind a stone wall, making them susceptible to a series of attacks from his other skills.


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The Philippines' national hero served as the model is Lapu-lapu. Lapu-lapu, who battled warriors while establishing the island, became a beloved figure among Filipinos. Lapu-Lapu, who was widely regarded as the first Filipino national hero, had a closer bond with his native country than any other hero on the list.

The Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Fire Protection now include Lapu-distinctive Lapu's images as part of their logos, according to the App Store. Lapu-Lapu is a fighter-class character who has the ability to harm his foes severely with a range of combos and lethal blows. He is notable for having the capacity to fuse two swords into one, making him a formidable opponent.


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Minsitthar is a hero who takes after Kyanzittha, also known as "Hti-Hlaing Shin," the king of Myanmar. According to the App Store, Kyansittha, a renowned ruler of the previous Pagan Empire in Burma, provided the inspiration for Minsitthar (modern-day Myanmar).

Kyansittha, whose name translates to "the last one standing," became well-known as a skilled general before ascending to the old throne as king and restoring prosperity to Burma.

According to the App Store, the legendary king is also credited with fostering Burmese culture throughout his rule. Minsitthar is one of the "fighter" class of game characters, which are in charge of directly attacking the members of the opposing side.

His capacity to manipulate crowds is not to be laughed at, as stated in the list, given that he can draw attackers to him with his spear and can shock and knock back opponents with his shield.


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Manny Pacquiao, a well-known Filipino boxer, served as the model for Pacquito, the hero. The latest skin for Paquito, the game's fighter hero, features World Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao. He is now the only living individual to have had a hero skin from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang immortalized.

One of Pacquito's many benefits is its ability to deal a ton of damage. Additionally, the barrier is very thick due to the powerful left punch technique. Additionally, the shield gained will be significantly bigger if the Champ Stance stack is complete, and the effect can be combined to perform Champ Stance.

Paquito also possesses a slow crowd control of 75% in the Knockout Strike Skill (U), making it challenging for opponents to evade his pursuits. Get unique skins from Manny Pacquiao now and stop waiting.



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