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Betawi Batik Meaningful Piece of Cloth

Betawi Batik Meaningful Piece of Cloth

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Betawi culture is diverse, from culinary to artistic heritage and traditions passed from generation to generation. When compared to other types of batik, Betawi batik is unique and different. The striking color, as well as the motif. Betawi cultural arts, which are influenced by Arab, Indian, Dutch, and Chinese cultures, are more prominent in batik motifs.

Batik Motif Ondel-ondel

Betawi batik motifs have their own origins. This motif, for example, is intended to elevate the figure of Ondel-ondel as a doll capable of overcoming challenges and barriers.  This motif convey the hope that the wearer will have a better life free of problems. This patterned Betawi batik is commonly seen at major Betawi traditional events.

Batik Motif Nusa kelapa

The Nusa Kelapa motif has a design idea from the Ceila Map which was made in 1482-1521 during the reign of Prabu Siliwangi.  From the map, it is known that Jakarta used to be called Nusa Kelapa, until it became Sunda Kelapa, Jayakarta, Batavia, and Jakarta. The name Nusa Kelapa was taken by the ancestors of the Betawi people at that time, until it was used as a Betawi batik motif.

Batik Motif Rasamala

The Rasamala motif depicts the Dutch colonies of the Sunda Kelapa region. The Sunda Kelapa area was still a wilderness at the time, overgrown with many Rasamala species trees. Because of its fragrant scent and use as handlebars, Betawi residents regard the Rasamala tree as sacred.

Batik Motif Ciliwung 

The Ciliwung motif is based on ideas from human civilization that originated from the banks of the Ciliwung River. It is said that the Portuguese and Dutch rulers desired to control Betawi because they were so interested in the Ciliwung River.

As the name implies, the wearer of batik is expected to be the center of attention as well as a symbol of sustenance that flows like a stream of time.

Batik Motif Salakanagara

Salakanagara batik motif is a batik that raises the motif of the first kingdom theme in betawi land, which was founded in 130 AD by Aki Tirem. The name Salakanagara is related to a belief that considers the mountain to have power and the mountain is named Mount Salak.

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