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Valuable Reviews on Singapore's Colorful Tourist Attractions

Valuable Reviews on Singapore's Colorful Tourist Attractions

Typically, tourists are asked to give feedback on the facilities and services they receive. These reviews, particularly those submitted online, serve as a resource for others deciding whether or not to use the same service. Here are some positive visitor reviews about the colorful places in singapore:

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Reviews from @Namabeer (8/11/2022) “ This is unlike Singapore as it seems more like a hipster area in western city. Lots of artwork on buildings and alleyways. Restaurant and bars and galleries and shops selling nick nacks. Nearby Kampong Glam is like 5 min away. So combine the 2 and you can kill 2-3 hrs. I'd rather eat in Kampong Glam for some good Malay food. Also ensure to visit the Mosque there.”

Reviews from @AdventureDiva (29/11/2022) “ This narrow street is filled with artsy and unique independent shops along with hole in the wall cafes and bars. Singapore's first gallery is here - The Gelam Gallery. The vibrant mural art on the storefronts add a festive touch.”

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Reviews from @hweeloonn (1/04/2022) “ So many things to see and so many eateries. Have to revisit many times if you are a cafe hopper. My trip started from Dakota MRT, and I liked the flat (Block 99) near the bus stop. Took bus 33 to Koon Seng Road and the walking trail began.”

Reviews from @DexperienceUndercover (19/07/2021) “Joo Chiat is one of Singapore's Best kept heritage featuring the rich peranakan nonya history, filled with tremendously delicious authentic traditional nonya delicacies in pre war beautifully constructed nonya houses.”

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Reviews from @Flitz8 (5/04/ 2018) “ Known for colorful windows is this building,lovely to see.Love different shades and colors but better sunny weather.”

Reviews from @AndyJohn74 (6/01/2018) “ Now a government building, the windows of this are painted different colors. It is quite good to look at with the Fort Canning Park behind and some not so colorful buildings around.”

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Reviews from @N8699PYpeterw (13/06/2022) “ Colorful bridge, Middle of Robertson Quay area is this colorful attractive bridge. Small but stands out and a good marker for where you are.”

Reviews from @lisavdm2019 (25/11/2019) “ Great spot for pics, If you are passing by this is a great spot to get a picture. There is a lovely promenade on either side of the bridge with shops and restaurants. It is also about 10min from Clarke Quay shopping center where you can find a great selection of restaurants, pubs and clubs. It is a must if you are looking for a peaceful day out near the water.”

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Reviews from @BT  (27/08/ 2022) “The house is very colorful, I think the only reason it is so well known is because it is brightly painted so looks nice, but it is a little odd as it is right in the middle of little India so it looks out of place”

Reviews from @JohnJackson (11/112020) “Always a good vibes and memories are coming from there!. If you are a fan of street photography, graffiti or history of Singapore then you are going to love it! remember it! Cheers!”

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Reviews from @traveltotelltales (18/092022) “ Mush visit, Such a beautiful , manicured, colorful attraction right in the heart of the city. It is one of my favorite places in SGP and I frequent there monthly. I am in love with GBTB!!”

Reviews from @PaulieAbb (18/092022) “ Gardens By the Bay is a must do. We visited the area 3 times during our 8 days in Singapore, seeing something different each time. The kids have a fantastic water playground, The Supertrees are... well... Super and the Cloud Forest / Flower Dome are absolutely spectacular. We know it's a good attraction when our 3 and 6 year old boys aren't pulling our legs saying how bored they are, they enjoyed the waterfalls, displays and various other interesting things to see. At night it is a different beast altogether and again, is a must see. This is the number 1 attraction to see when in Singapore - you will not be disappointed.”



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