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Take a Look at the Most Recent FIFA Rankings of AFF Countries Following FIFA Matchday

Take a Look at the Most Recent FIFA Rankings of AFF Countries Following FIFA Matchday

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Here is the latest FIFA ranking of southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) countries after FIFA Matchday as of Monday (30/09/22). Fifa has not officially announced a change in ranking. The ranking calculations based on official international matches, however, have been 'leaked' by the Twitter account @FootyRankings.

Vietnam, raise to 96th place in the FIFA World Rankings.

Among Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam remains the dominant strength. Wednesday (9/21) at Thong Nat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam defeated Singapore (4-0). Vietnam dominated from the early minutes of the match until goals scored by Van Quyet Nguyen(37'), Thanh Nhan Nguyen(50'), Hồ Tấn Tài(70'), Van Khang Khuat(84'). 

The next opponent in FIFA Matchday Vietnam Vs India will be held on Tuesday (27/9/2022) at Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, following Vietnam's victory over India (3-0). Vietnam is a disciplined player. Two wins each over Singapore (4-0) and India (3-0) earned them 3.05 points. Because the opponents are relatively equal, Vietnam receives fewer points. Vietnam is still ranked 96th, with a total of 1224.89 points.

Thailand, remains in 111th place FIFA World Rankings.

Thailand vs Malaysia national team match in the semifinals of the King's Cup 2022 took place at Chiang Mai Stadium on Thursday (22/9/2022). The score was 1-1 then lasted until the second half was over. Thailand vs Malaysia match must proceed to the penalty shootout round. In the decisive penalty shootout, Malaysia outscored Thailand by a score of 5-3.

Thailand's next opponents are Trinidad and Tobago. The match took place at the 700th Anniversary Stadium, Chiang Mai, Sunday (25/9/2022). Thailand win over Trinidad and Tobago (2-1) goals scored by Channarong Promsrikaew (22') and Supachok Sarachat (71'). 

Thailand is still ranked 111th in FIFA, despite earning 5.30 extra points after losing on penalties to Malaysia and winning 2-1 against Trinidad and Tobago.

Malaysia, raise one to 146th place in the FIFA World Rankings.

Following Malaysia's victory over Thailand via penalty shootout (5-3), Malaysia suffered a penalty shootout defeat against Tajikistan in the following match (3-0).  Malaysia only advanced one level, to 146th in the world, with an additional 1.62 points. Malaysia climbed one spot after a penalty shootout victory over Thailand and a loss to Tajikistan.

Indoneisa, raise to 152th place in the FIFA World Rankings.

Indonesia managed to beat Curacao 2 matches on FIFA Matchday, the first match at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium Saturday (24/09/2022) Indonesia was able to beat Curacao with a score (3-2). Then the next match was held at the Pakansari stadium on Tuesday (27/09/2022) with a score (2-1). Indonesia added points up to 152nd place in the world with additional points after Fifa Matchday (27/09/2022) of 7.30 points.

Singapore, remains in 159th place in the FIFA World Rankings.

Singapore began the football match against Vietnam, and Singapore lost (4-0). Singapore vs. India (1-1) until the match is over in the 2022 VFF Tri-Nations Series. Singapore only managed to collect 1.80 points after the match, so its position in the FIFA Rankings remained unchanged.

Brunei, raise one to 190th place in the FIFA World Rankings.

The Brunei Vs Laos match ended with a score (1-0), for this victory Brunei immediately rise one place to 190th place by collecting 5.17 points, But bad luck struck Laos, which had to lose 5.17 points after losing to Brunei, dropping one place to 187th place with a loss of 5.17 points.

Source: Twitter @FootyRankings


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