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Singapore Leads Southeast Asia in the 2022 Global Innovation Index

Singapore Leads Southeast Asia in the 2022 Global Innovation Index

The World Intellectual Property Organization has released the Global Innovation Index 2022. Singapore has risen to seventh place in the World Intellectual Property Organization's latest Global Innovation Index (GII), topping the Southeast Asian region. The country received a score of 57.3.

With a score of 38.7 points, Malaysia is ranked 36th in the world and second in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is a middle-income country that has made it into the top 40. With a score of 34.9 points, Thailand ranks 43rd in the world and third in Southeast Asia. With a score of 34.2 points, Vietnam is ranked 48th in the world and fourth in Southeast Asia. With a score of 30.7 points, the Philippines is ranked 59th in the world and fifth in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia also rose to 75th place with a score of 27.9 points, the highest since 2012, leading in entrepreneurship policy and culture. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is ranked sixth. Brunei Darussalam ranked 92nd in the world and seventh in Southeast Asia, with a score of 22.2 points. With a score of 20.5 points, Cambodia is ranked 97th in the world and eighth in Southeast Asia. Lao People's Democratic Republic is the 112th most populous country in the world and the ninth most populous country in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam (48th), the Philippines (59th), Indonesia (75th), Cambodia (97th), and the Lao People's Democratic Republic (112th) have made the most progress in the area during the last decade, rising more than 20 places. These economies are also leading in key innovation metrics.

Vietnam is the world leader in high-tech imports, the Philippines is the world leader in high-tech exports, and Indonesia is the world leader in entrepreneurial policies and culture. Indonesia (75th) makes a significant climb, attaining its highest ranking since 2012, when it was rated 100th.

Global Innovation Index is the source (2022)

Source: Global Innovation Index (2022)


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