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Telkomsel Opens Registration for Season 7 of IndonesiaNEXT, Enhancing Indonesia's Digital Talent Capabilities Globally

Telkomsel Opens Registration for Season 7 of IndonesiaNEXT, Enhancing Indonesia's Digital Talent Capabilities Globally

Telkomsel presents the IndonesiaNEXT Season 7, which provides expanded opportunities for all young Indonesians to enhance their digital competencies, skills, and capabilities—preparing them to become digital talent with the utmost quality and be globally competitive. In its seventh year of implementation, IndonesiaNEXT has maintained a continuous emphasis on improving the digital skills of young talent, which are urgently required to make Indonesia competitive in the digital world sector. Telkomsel's flagship CSR program, IndonesiaNEXT Season 7, offers students the opportunity to obtain international certifications for Google SEO, Microsoft, Adobe, User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX), and a National Digital Marketing certificate from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). The deadline for IndonesiaNEXT Season 7 applications open until December 18, 2022.

 Vice President of Corporate Communications Telkomsel, Saki Bramono, stated, "Indonesia is one of the Southeast Asian countries with the fastest developing digital economy. In fact, by 2025, our digital economy is projected to be worth 133 billion dollars. The rapid expansion of the digital economy must be backed by a sufficient supply of digitally capable talent. Through IndonesiaNEXT, we aim to improve the digital proficiency of the younger generation, particularly among students, to compete more effectively on the world stage. It is aligned with Telkomsel's commitment to supporting the government's efforts to improve the quality of human resources, a key pillar of national growth, through the application of digital technology."

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 Saki also invites all Indonesian students, from Diploma to Master's level, to participate in IndonesiaNEXT Season 7 to develop the skills necessary to become the country's future digital talents. Suppose all registration steps and conditions are met; students will successfully be registered as NEXT People and are eligible to participate in the IndonesiaNEXT Season 7.

 In the seventh season of IndonesiaNEXT, all participants will complete all processes online, from national webinars to hard and soft skill training. After the program, they will obtain a certification at the international level, which can be an asset for enhancing their value while developing their professional skills in the digital sector. Telkomsel will select the top 34 candidates to participate in the National Bootcamp as the concluding phase in their quest to become The Best IndonesiaNEXT Season 7 Talents.

 In addition to obtaining training to improve their skills in the digital sector, such as Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Adobe, and Microsoft, participants can hone their talents in public speaking, entrepreneurship, and logical and creative thinking. It is projected that IndonesiaNEXT's focus on enhancing digital technology skills will foster a digital ecosystem in Indonesia that will positively impact the inclusive and sustainable growth of the national digital economy. 

"IndonesiaNEXT has reached over 73,000 participants from 2,900 Indonesian universities since its first rollout in 2016. Telkomsel's commitment to continually host the IndonesiaNEXT program every year is fueled by the passion of the nation's youth. We hope that IndonesiaNEXT Season 7 will provide endless opportunities for Indonesia's youth to achieve their full potential, allowing them to become digital talents that can significantly contribute to the national digital ecosystem's development. Together with IndonesiaNEXT, let us demonstrate that we are The NEXT Talents of Indonesia: adaptable, competent, and highly competitive individuals, "Saki concluded.

 The registration process for IndonesiaNEXT can be done quickly by visiting You can get more info about  IndonesiaNEXT on their social media account (Instagram @indonesia next, Facebook IndonesiaNEXT, Twitter @indonesia next, Linkedin IndonesiaNEXT, and Youtube Indonesia NEXT).


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