Dare You To Try! These 2 Thailand Dishes Are The World's Spiciest Food

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Dare You To Try! These 2 Thailand Dishes Are The World's Spiciest Food

Well, if the fact that there are hundreds of different spices used in a variety of mouthwatering foods around the world isn't a cause for celebration, we don't know what is!

This is the day to celebrate in style if you can handle hot food; you could even be lucky enough to live somewhere where there are habanero-eating contests, fancy dress events, or spicy cook-offs!

For everyone else, these two Thai meals listed in the Top 10 Spiciest Foods in the World are ready to enhance your day by simply indulging, whether you want a mild tongue tickle or a mouth-on-fire-eyes-streaming experience.

These dishes also are the favorite for travelers according to 

Gaeng Tai Pla 

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Fishers in Southern Thailand came up with the idea for this Thai stew as a means to avoid throwing away fish guts or entrails. The outcome? An extremely hot curry with pronounced fish aromas.

This curry is extremely popular in the Thai provinces of Songkla and Pattalung for those who have a taste for spice and seafood and can handle the overpowering smell of fish.

Given that it contains tai pla, a salty sauce produced from fermented fish intestines, this meal may take some getting used to. The dish itself packs a powerful flavor punch, as both the tai pla sauce and the dish itself use a lot of fresh and dry chiles.

This Thai meal has a bit more heat than the well-known Tom Yum. The dish, often referred to as Gaeng Som, is an orange curry cooked with fish meat and shrimp paste, bird's eye chilies, and tamarind sauce.

Khao Pad Nam Prik Pao

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After checking out some of Thailand's most beautiful temples, why not grab a quick bite to eat? For spice lovers, they may want to try some khao pad nam prik pao.

Also known as Chili Paste Fried Rice, this Thai dish is quick, easy, and spicy.

The secret ingredient is the addition of Nam Prik Pao, a spicy Thai chili paste. Though spice lovers will get a kick from the dish’s spicy nature, there are also elements of sweetness to it, alongside delicious ingredients like vegetables, and seafood (or meat). T

ry this simply delicious (and spicy) dish from street vendors or restaurants in Thailand.

What do you think of the dishes, then? Do you concur? Or would you like to suggest other spicy foods for a higher level?



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