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Hidden Tourist Attractions in Southeast Asia You Must Visit

Hidden Tourist Attractions in Southeast Asia You Must Visit

  Southeast Asia is a favorite destination for backpackers from around the world. Not only does it offer beautiful places, but the cost of traveling in this region is also relatively cheap. Let's prepare our notes to make a travel list this year.

Here are recommendations for eight tourist attractions in Southeast Asia that are interesting but rarely visited.

1. Pai,Thailand

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If you want to find a place that is green but still full of entertainment, Pai could be the place. Pai, located in the mountainous region of northern Thailand, offers a serene and comforting atmosphere at the same time. In this place, you can rent a motorbike to spin around the forest, visit waterfalls, dance at local bars, and relax in hammocks.

  2. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

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A lot of people agree that Pu Qhuoc will soon become one of Vietnam's favorite tourist destinations. But don't worry, at the moment the beautiful beaches on this island are still relatively calm. On this island you can enjoy snorkelling and diving on unspoilt beaches.

Do not worry about transport, at Pu Qhuoc you can easily find motorbike rentals. Why don't you hurry up before Pu Qhuoc is full of tourists!

3. Bagan,Myanmar

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This town in Myanmar is famous for its Buddhic temples. It is in fact the most frequented by Buddhism in Myanmar.

Here you will enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Myanmar. In addition, there are warm air balloons that you can mount to enjoy the sunset.

4. Cameron Highlands,Malaysia

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This place is the ideal place to escape the damp and hot weather in downtown Malaysia. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the verdant atmosphere of the extensive tea plantation.

Tours of local tea plants are a cornerstone of this site tour. Aside from that, there is no need to question the beautiful landscape of this place.

5. Marina Bay Sands Hotel,Singapura

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The hotel, which was built with funds of as much as $5.7 million U.S., offers many entertainment attractions. There you can complete your shopping cravings in different points of sale. It also has a concert hall where famous artists often play.

Above the building, this hotel features a yacht-shaped pool which you should try. Swimming there boosts your adrenaline. It's like you're about to drop off the 57th floor in Singapore right below you.

6. Luang Prabang,Laos

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Luang Prabang is a UNESCO-recognized cultural tourism centre. Luang Prabang's architecture is very dancing, as it is a blend of Asian and European architecture.

Like many other Asian countries, elephant walks are one of the sights of this place. However, only at Luang Prabang you can take a four-day mahout class to ride elephants as well as their masters.

7. Kep,Kamboja

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During the French colonial period, seaweed became a tourist destination for the French upper class. At present, Kep is in preparation to become a tourist destination.

Here you can taste seafood at a wonderful restaurant on the beach. Kelp is also famous for its crab dishes that are one of the tastiest crab dishes in the world.

8. Pantai Pulau Merah, Banyuwangi

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This beach at the southern end of Banyuwangi has a unique character in the form of a little mountain in the middle of a red beach.

On this beach we can enjoy the beauty of a protected forest area, relax on a quiet beach and to get for fish at the fish port which is not far from the Pulau Merah Beach.

Those are some tourist recommendations for various countries in Southeast Asia that are hidden and must be visited by travelers.


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