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Indonesia, the land of the spices
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Indonesia, the land of the spices

Indonesia, which is often referred to as the country of spices, is blessed with a variety of spices not only has more than 16,000 islands spread across the archipelago, but also a wide variety of spices, making it Indonesia's largest producer and exporter of spices.

The rest of the world in this region.

Indonesia has a rich history of spices and herbs, making it one of the world's most important spice producing countries.

Hence, Indonesians have included spices into their daily diets for centuries.


Since ancient times, Indonesians have used spices in their cooking.


The idea of using spices such as ginger, garlic and shallots in food was introduced to Indonesia by the Chinese.


One of the earliest types of curry is called Balinese curry which uses local spices such as lemon grass and galangal.


Indonesia's reputation as a major producer of spices is due to its long coastline, which is native to the country.


Indonesia is one of the largest producers of these two spices along with cloves from its eastern islands.



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