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Indonesia wants flying cars in Nusantara, the next capital

Indonesia wants flying cars in Nusantara, the next capital

When starting from scratch to develop a city, one of the benefits is that they are able to dream large, or more accurately, aspire high, for the city's design.

It appears like Indonesia is doing exactly that for Nusantara, with the goal that a transportation system that includes flying vehicles may actually take off in the future capital city of Nusantara.

Professor Mohammed Ali Berawi, a civil engineer who serves as the deputy head of the Green and Digital Transformations Department at the Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN), has stated that an agreement has been reached with the Hyundai Motor Group of South Korea to develop and build an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) system in Nusantara.

He stated, "The system will be put through its paces [in Nusantara], with the test scheduled for 2024."

However, due to the fact that flying car technology is still in its infancy, it may be decades before we see droves of air cars take to the skies above Nusantara.

"We are not creating this metropolis for the year 2024; rather, we are looking ahead to the year 2045; consequently, that is when the technology for flying cars is for. "It's tough to picture flying automobiles in the here and now, but who knows? Maybe by the year 2035," Mohammed said.

"We have the potential to be one of the first companies to market this technology."

Nusantara, which is located in East Kalimantan Province, is going to become the new capital city of Indonesia, displacing Jakarta, which is plagued by suffocating levels of pollution and gridlocked traffic. In the year 2024, the government intends to start the process of moving the administrative center of the nation to Nusantara.


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