Thailand Is Building an Epic New $9 Billion ‘Aviation City’ for Tourists

Thailand Is Building an Epic New $9 Billion ‘Aviation City’ for Tourists

Thailand's old airport will soon reach unprecedented heights. According to Reuters, the Thai government is investing $8.8 billion (290 billion) to create a new "Eastern Aviation City" at the U-Tapao airport, which served the nation during the Vietnam War.

According to a statement released by the government on Friday, work on the enormous megastructure will start early this year. In the first five years, the project is expected to increase employment by 15,600 and support Thailand's aviation sector.

The new transportation hub, which spans over 1,040 hectares (2,570 acres) in the country's industrial east, aims to draw more tourists to the tropical archipelago.

In order to provide travelers with a wide selection of flights and carriers, the new international terminal will be connected with Don Muang, a low-cost airport, and Suvarnabhumi, Thailand's primary airport. A flight training facility, an aircraft repair facility, and a free trade zone for commodities will also be located in the City.

The project's primary designer, One Works, was chosen. In addition to increasing passenger comfort, the international architectural design and consultancy business wants to highlight the vibrant Thai culture.

The traditional yor (fishing nets) in the adjacent coastal settlements in the Rayong Province served as inspiration for the outside of the Passenger Terminal Building (PTB). Meanwhile, the spacious interior will have a lot of lush foliage and big skylights.

The PTB will also have a variety of eating establishments that are reminiscent of Thai street markets. The building will also contain a Culture Village that will offer entertainment to all visitors, as well as a Smart Eco Hub Retail area that is conveniently positioned for shoppers. Basically, it's a spot where you can eat and relax before to, during, or following a trip.

The PTB was built with the passenger in mind, the company said in a statement. "In the true spirit of Thai hospitality, the PTB has been designed to put the passenger first—creating an inviting environment where the passenger can relax and appreciate Thailand's people-oriented services and culture as part of their journey."

U-Tapao International Airport might eventually receive between 60 million and 75 million passengers annually after the expansion. Maybe we ought to refer to it as the Eastern Aviation Metropolis.


Source: Yahoo Finance, Reuters 

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