The Story of 5 Malaysian State Nicknames That You Never Know

The Story of 5 Malaysian State Nicknames That You Never Know

1. Sabah - Land Below The Wind

Why does Sabah have the nickname "Land Below the Wind"? History aficionados will tell you that American author Agnes Keith, who spent over two decades in Sandakan in the 1930s, was the first person to use this wonderful term. She writes about her experiences living in this stunning state of East Malaysia in her book, Land Below the Wind.

Agnes Keith Day is honored today, July 6, in Sabah, with a variety of events and performances held at the Agnes Keith House in Sandakan.

2. Sarawak - Land of the Hornbills

Sarawak is known as the Land of the Hornbills to outsiders. But within its confines, the bird known as burung kenyalang in Iban and Malay possesses a profound and significant importance that goes beyond simple symbolism.

Of the approximately 54 species of hornbills found worldwide, eight live in Sarawak. The hornbill, a protected species in the state and a symbol of the spirit of god according to the Dayak Sarawakian tribe, is depicted on Sarawak's state crest.

3. Melaka - Sleepy Hollow & Venice of the East

British tourist Isabella Bird spoke kindly of the quiet state that caught her heart and imagination when she crossed Melaka in the 1880s. The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither author Bird calls Melaka a "truitable drowsy hollow" in her book.

The location of the Melaka River is highlighted by another moniker for the state. Because of its river canals winding through streets dotted with lovely ancient houses, much like the Venetian city, Melaka earned the nickname "The Venice of the East."

4. Perak - Land Of Grace

Perak, often known as the Land of Grace, lives up to its moniker by being home to amazing natural and historical treasures like the Belum Rainforest Reserve and the royal capital of Kuala Kangsar.

The origin of Perak's moniker may be easily traced back to the state's actual name, Perak Darul Ridzuan, which translates to "Land of Grace" or "Abode of Grace."

5. Kuala Lumpur - City Garden Of Lights

The Garden City Of Lights was once Kuala Lumpur's moniker, however most residents are now unaware of it. At the beginning of the inaugural "Visit Malaysia" year in 1990, the phrase was first used to refer to the nation's capital.

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