Tesla is Coming to Malaysia and is Ready to Expand to Southeast Asia

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Tesla is Coming to Malaysia and is Ready to Expand to Southeast Asia

Tesla is formally bringing its electric cars to Malaysia. Tengku Zafrul, Malaysia's Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), confirmed this in a post on his social media channels. "Tesla is welcomed in Malaysia! Tesla's application to import BEVs into Malaysia has been authorized by Miti Malaysia, according to Zafrul.

The car company, which is the creation of billionaire businessman Elon Musk, will create a headquarters in Malaysia, roll out its service and experience centers, and build out its network of superchargers.

The company's entrance into Malaysia is also anticipated to increase local businesses' involvement in the global and domestic Tesla ecosystem as well as provide skilled BEV employees in Malaysia with better-paying job opportunities.

For those who are unaware, Tesla's sales strategy differs significantly from that of other automakers and is wholly unrelated to the conventional idea of dealer franchises—there is no actual dealership.

Even if customers are viewing the vehicles in person at a Tesla Experience center, which is the automaker's equivalent of a showroom, the company urges them to reserve the vehicles online through the company's website. Therefore, there is no method to purchase a Model X SUV right away.

The installation of at least 50 high-speed chargers with a capacity of more than 180 kWh is one of the additional requirements established by MITI. Owners of other EV companies must have access to at least 30% of the units. Other businesses that sell EVs in Malaysia are also subject to the same regulations for installing charging stations.

With its Supercharger network, which currently has over 40,000 Superchargers at 4,500 locations globally, Tesla was one of the first providers of fast chargers. The majority of these locations are in North America and Asia, with China accounting for the majority.

Along with Superchargers, the business also offers Destination Chargers, which are located in hotels or other locations where BEV owners are passing through and charge at slower rates. In order for BEV owners to drive far distances, it is important to have extensive coverage.

MITI also mandates that automakers with approval hire and train at least 100 Malaysian workers, with at least 80% of their full-time staff being Malaysian citizens, in order to develop the EV industry as quickly as feasible. Additionally, Tesla must offer industrial internships and educate at least five Malaysians annually to prepare them for the industry.



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