Finally! First C-130J Super Hercules is Delivered To the Indonesian Air Force

Finally! First C-130J Super Hercules is Delivered To the Indonesian Air Force

The Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) has received the first of five C-130J-30 Super Hercules cargo planes from Lockheed Martin.

The aircraft was delivered to the TNI-AU at the firm's Georgian factory in Marietta on February 21, according to a press release from the company. The TNI-AU announced on its official social media account that Air Chief Marshal Fadjar Prasetyo, the organization's chief of staff, had received the airplane (serial number A-1339).

The aircraft will leave the United States on February 28, the TNI-AU noted. On March 6, it is anticipated to touch down in Indonesia. The air force stated that "three TNI-AU personnel will be accompanied on the trip".

The aircraft was shipped in a low-observable gray color scheme, which is different from the TNI-C-130 AU's fleet's usual camouflage color scheme. The Air Squadron 31 logo of the TNI-AU was also displayed on the airplane.

The new C-130J-30s will improve the TNI-powers, AU's according to Lockheed Martin. The C-130J-30s "offer increased cargo capacity, speed, range, power, performance, and reduced operating expenses over legacy C-130s to serve the [TNI- AU's] broad range of mission requirements for decades to come," the company claimed.

Lockheed Martin earlier disclosed that the C-130J can reach its initial cruising altitude of 26,000 ft in less than 14 minutes. The earlier-generation C-130H aircraft of the Air Force, in comparison, take 22 minutes to reach their initial cruising altitude of 23,000 feet. The C-130J needs a 1,950-foot takeoff length as opposed to the C-130H's 3,000-foot requirement.

Rod McLean, vice president and general manager of Air Mobility & Maritime Missions programs at Lockheed Martin, noted that Indonesian Air Force crews have long relied on the C-130 to support their most difficult tasks. With a highly customized airlift fleet that guarantees IDAF crews can support any task — anywhere, anytime — with more power, strength, and capability for decades to come, "this new age of Super Hercules operations supports Indonesia in achieving mission success."

Since the 1960s, Indonesia has operated C-130s, employing its Hercules fleet for vital domestic and international tasks like delivering aid and disaster relief as well as offering military and peacekeeping support throughout the Pacific Rim.

With 26 operators in 22 countries, the C-130J Super Hercules is the tactical airlift aircraft of preference globally. More than 520 C-130Js have been delivered to date, and the Super Hercules' capacity to serve 18 distinct mission requirements is still unmatched.



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