"Music of the Spheres": Why Coldplay Concerts in Southeast Asia Are So Highly Anticipated?

"Music of the Spheres": Why Coldplay Concerts in Southeast Asia Are So Highly Anticipated?

The year 2023 will be a big and even historic year for Southeast Asia. The famous British band, Coldplay, will be performing concerts in 2 Southeast Asian countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia. The announcement that Coldplay will perform in these two countries has become a public conversation in Southeast Asia. Especially when billboards in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur showed the band's concert teaser.

No wonder, this British band has a huge fan base in Southeast Asia. The last tour that Coldplay did in Southeast Asia was in 2017. But in that tour, Indonesia and Malaysia were not the countries the band visited. Obviously, the presence of Coldplay concerts in Malaysia and Indonesia this year is a golden opportunity that should not be missed by its fans, not only in Malaysia and Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asia.

The Coldplay 2023 World Concert, which is themed "Music of The Spheres", also addresses the fans' longing to meet their idols, especially when Covid-19 was rampant yesterday, many concerts were canceled. Indonesia itself is the country with the most Coldplay fans in Southeast Asia. With 1,040,763 Coldplay listeners per month in Spotify, this country is the fourth largest Coldplay listener in the world.

In addition to Spotify, streaming of Coldplay songs on Youtube is also very high in the region. 

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On the other hand, this Coldplay concert is also the first concert in Malaysia. This concert is historic because Malaysian Coldplay fans, who have been waiting for this moment for a long time, will be rewarded with the performance of their favorite band at the end of the year. 

The famous British band will kick off their global concert from May 17 to 21 in Portugal. On Coldplay's official website, the last tour date is still September 30 - October 1 in the United States. Fans in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, are still waiting for the official schedule of Coldplay concerts in these 2 countries. 

However, the good news is that since Coldplay's tour dates in Southeast Asia have yet to be officially announced, it means that Coldplay fans in the region still have time to save up for Coldplay concert tickets that will be held at the end of the year. Because after the certainty of the date has been announced and confirmed, Coldplay fans in the region will immediately war to get Coldplay concert tickets. So, prepare yourself later to war for Coldplay concert tickets in Malaysia and Indonesia!

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