Explore the Wonder While Playing: Hompimpa Alaium...

Explore the Wonder While Playing: Hompimpa Alaium...

Hompimpa Alaium Gambreng. This is the phrase that Indonesian children usually say when starting a game. In some other Southeast Asian countries, they also have similar game starters, like Malaysia with its Lat Tali Lat.

However, there is something unique about the Indonesian phrase hompimpa alaium gambreng. In it, there is a deep hidden meaning. The sentence, which comes from Sanskrit, means "From God, we return to God, let's play!"

This sentence is generally used at the beginning of the game to determine win/lose, determine turns, or determine groups. It's simple. Each child simply thrusts his or her hand forward along with a few other children, then turns his or her palm over, either to the white or black part.

Gambreng (let's play)! Sounds simple indeed. But the meaning in it teaches us to get closer to God. This game teaches that no matter what life we live, everything is a gift from God and will return to God. Humans can only try. What their destiny is, only God knows.

Although the meaning is deep, this game teaches "live life happily. Because whatever the outcome, there will always be a good destiny that accompanies." Just like children who remain cheerful no matter what outcome they get.

There is no clear historical literature regarding the origin of this game. There has never been a historian or written work that explains in detail about the phrase. Even so, this game that has passed through various generations is a good tradition that needs to be maintained.

However, with the development of the times, the rise of online games and video games has become one of the challenges to the existence of traditional games like this. The evolution of children's games, which used to be communal, is now individualized because access to online games tends to be individualized. However, during the pandemic, there was an anomaly with online games. The lack of interaction due to social distancing, such as online learning, makes children feel bored and makes them return to playing traditional games.

This is a positive shift, as traditional games hold deep philosophical meanings. So, even though these things are not directly understood by children, internalization through activities can have a positive impact on children's character.

It looks simple. A sentence that might seem like a breeze turns out to insert a good prayer embedded in the little hearts of children who don't really understand its true meaning. But through this game, children are taught to accept all the consequences of every decision, live it, then appreciate it.

Now, what about in your country?


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