Carbon Academy: Changing the Future with Climate and Sustainability Education

Carbon Academy: Changing the Future with Climate and Sustainability Education

The current climate crisis has far-reaching implications, not only for the current generation, but also for youth and future generations. Yet climate education is still minimally developed in school curricula around the world, and access to quality climate education is limited to a handful of people.

However, an exciting report from the Pearson Global Learner Survey 2021 shows that more than three-quarters of the world's population is actively seeking self-education on climate change. This good news shows that everyone has the potential to make a difference for the planet.

In line with this, in late 2021, Carbon Addons, a youth-led climate technology startup in Indonesia, was founded with the goal of creating a seismic shift in education. The startup is committed to reducing global carbon emissions by developing a carbon neutral platform that is accessible to everyone.

Through valuable and traceable carbon offsets, Carbon Addons is able to neutralize more than 31.2 million tons of carbon footprint generated by online purchases in Indonesia before the transaction payment is made.

In terms of education, through its platform, Carbon Academy, they are committed to preparing future generations to make a significant contribution to sustainability and climate resilient ecosystems in Indonesia. Carbon Academy serves as a learning platform on climate and sustainability for youth and young professionals. Through this platform, Carbon Addons believes it can empower millions of students to explore their potential and become climate change agents by 2030.

One of the tangible steps and achievements of the Carbon Academy is its selection as a finalist in the Green Skills Award 2023, a global initiative launched by the European Training Foundation (ETF). The award recognizes Carbon Addons' innovation in developing a comprehensive training platform, especially for youth and young professionals.

Carbon Academy, Carbon Addons' flagship initiative, is designed to engage and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. The platform provides various educational resources, interactive modules, and practical tools that can deepen youth and young professionals' understanding of climate change, sustainability issues, and the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic systems.

Mohammad Naufal, Founder and CEO of Carbon Addons, expressed their honor to have Carbon Academy selected as a finalist for the Green Skills Award. He shared that their mission is to create a generation of youth with the knowledge, skills and passion to build a sustainable future. This nomination is a result of the hard work of the entire team and is a true testament to the positive impact of their educational platform.

By providing youth and young professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, Carbon Addons hopes to cultivate a generation of leaders capable of designing and implementing sustainable solutions. They recognize that climate change and sustainability are complex issues that require collective action and collaboration across sectors and disciplines.

Present, Carbon Addons has actively established partnerships with schools, universities and community organizations, expanding the reach and impact of their programming. In partnership with UNDP and Movers Asia Pacific, they have launched the Carbon Academy program by selecting 50 Indonesian youth with potential from different parts of the world. Not stopping there, Carbon Addons even managed to develop sustainable business ideas and green career plans.

With this kind of collaboration, Carbon Addons aims to strengthen its efforts and create a global network of individuals dedicated to tackling climate change and building a sustainable future.

Let's support sustainable climate education initiatives by voting for Carbon Addons in the Green Skill Award 2023 through this link! Voting ends on September 29, 2023.

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