Tales of Enchantment: 44 Mythological Tales from Southeast Asia Home in a Book

Tales of Enchantment: 44 Mythological Tales from Southeast Asia Home in a Book

Good news for you if you are a lover of mythological stories, especially those rooted in the rich cultures of Southeast Asia. Soon you will have access to these cultural treasures through the book "Tales & Oracles of Eleven".

Tales of Eleven is a compilation of 44 stories that summarize the cultural heritage of countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam.

At the same time, The Oracle of Eleven was introduced as a set of oracle decks and a guide to the lessons to be learned from the stories it contains.

The book is a collaboration between two Malaysian businesswomen, Ambi Sun and Sha Roose.

As quoted by Mashable SEA, during her development phase, Ambi Sun noticed that the majority of the media often featured mythologies from Norse, Greek or Egyptian cultures. This situation caused her to reflect and wonder why Southeast Asian folktales did not gain the same popularity as Greek or Norse mythologies, even though these stories are just as interesting and valuable.

This exploration led him on a fascinating journey of discovery, opening doors to understanding the history of the region and the consequences of war and colonization. The impact was felt strongly as Southeast Asia's rich cultural heritage began to fade away with the loss of many stories that had previously only been passed down orally.

This is what motivated Sun to embark on the journey of developing Tales and Oracle of Eleven with his friend Sha Roose. He also emphasized that the book aims to protect the diverse cultural heritage of the region and to share this wealth with the rest of the world.

Tales of Eleven contains 44 stories of mythical creatures and heroic adventures in Southeast Asia, and the anthology fills 180 pages with images that bring the stories to life. Fans can also purchase additional merchandise, including postcards, bookmarks, and altar cloths designed by eight talented artists from the region.

This book is an invitation to journey through the mythological landscape of Southeast Asia. Each story shares a common thread that links the past to the present, while preserving noble values and timeless moral messages. 

By selecting lesser-known stories, Sun focuses on a diverse cast of protagonists and strives to create compelling outcomes and profound analogies. The book presents a variety of stories that were once passed down through the region's diverse community networks, but have gradually been erased and forgotten.

"Tales & Oracles of Eleven" is not only a collection of mythologies, but also a valuable cultural heritage. It is a tribute to the wisdom of our ancestors, an attempt to keep these inspiring stories alive in our memories and souls.

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