Bumi Journey Marks a Milestone in Regenerative Tourism with the Blue Conservation Tour in a Vulnerable Island

Bumi Journey Marks a Milestone in Regenerative Tourism with the Blue Conservation Tour in a Vulnerable Island

On Saturday, September 30, 2023, Bumi Journey achieved a significant milestone with the successful launch of its Blue Conservation Tour on Pramuka Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta. The purpose of this endeavor is to actively contribute to the preservation of both the natural and cultural aspects of this pristine destination.

Bumi Journey's commitment to conservation and community engagement was at the forefront during this event. The organization has forged valuable partnerships with the local communities on Pulau Pramuka, safeguarding its fragile ecosystems while facilitating meaningful cultural exchanges and advocating for sustainable and regenerative tourism practices.

During this occasion, Bumi Journey had the honor of hosting a group of students from the University of Technology Sydney, providing them with a truly impactful tour experience. Participants had the unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of coastal biodiversity and climate change resilience through an engaging Climate Education Session led by the Bumi Journey team.

The Blue Conservation Tour exemplified the harmonious coexistence of the natural world and cultural exploration, offering comprehensive insights into the challenges and solutions associated with climate change resilience on a small island.

“All participants thoroughly enjoyed the climate session, mangrove seedling and planting, coral planting, snorkeling, and plastic upcycling workshop. Everyone went home with a big smile and a better awareness and understanding of the importance of various conservation efforts towards the sustainability of our planet,” said Darmadi Sipayung, a Participant Engagement Manager of International Internship.

Following the enlightening climate session, participants actively contributed to mangrove conservation through hands-on activities, including mangrove seedling and planting along the crucial coastline of Pramuka Island. The tour also featured coral conservation initiatives, emphasizing the importance of preserving underwater ecosystems and advocating for sustainable marine practices, all seamlessly integrated into the program's activities.

Image 1: Mangrove Seedling at Pulau Pramuka

"Nature, unity, and joy – these three elements are perfectly intertwined throughout our journey on Pulau Pramuka. Our connection with nature deepened as we explored the island and its vibrant marine life, while also learning about the island's waste management efforts. A genuine sense of togetherness was felt among the travelers and the locals. The joy and happiness we shared during the trip all contributed to making this journey remarkable," said Devira, one of Bumi Journey’s facilitators on this trip.

Image 2: Coral Planting at Pulau Pramuka

One of the distinctive activities of this trip was Bumi Journey's partnership with the island's local community.

Image 3: Marawis Performances with the Local Community of Pulau Pramuka

Participants of the Blue Conservation Trip had the unique opportunity to directly engage with the local community through a series of captivating excursions. These included learning about Marawis performances and participating in plastic upcycling workshops.

Image 4: Plastic Upcycling Workshop

Bumi Journey extends a warm invitation to individuals, communities, and corporate entities to unite with us in our mission to foster a greener, more sustainable world and collectively achieve our shared conservation objectives.

About Bumi Journey:

Bumi Journey is a leading advocate for sustainable and regenerative tourism, dedicated to preserving the environment and promoting community engagement. Through experiential journeys, Bumi Journey aims to raise awareness and foster a deep connection between travelers and the destinations they explore. Visit and follow Instagram @bumijourney to learn more.

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