Humanitarian Assistance from Indonesia En Route to Gaza

Humanitarian Assistance from Indonesia En Route to Gaza

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is preparing to send Rp 2.9 billion worth of aid in the form of medical equipment to the people of Gaza. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PMI is planning to send this aid through Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport on Tuesday (October 31) yesterday.

In a statement released on Monday (October 30), A.M. Fachir, Secretary General of PMI, said that the aid, which was organized based on the instructions of PMI Chairman Jusuf Kalla, aims to support the needs of the people in Gaza. 

Fachir explained that in the initial phase, the aid will include 10 types of equipment, including oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, N95 masks, respirators, latex gloves, aprons, baby supplies, hygiene kits, infectious body bags, and generators.

In addition to the medical equipment, PMI also plans to send a water purifier with a drinking water production capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 liters per hour.

Meanwhile, in a virtual press conference on Monday (30/10), Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced plans to send Indonesia's first aid to Gaza, Palestine, this week. This aid is the result of cooperation between the government, businessmen, and the community.

Previously, UN reports have noted the difficulties in delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza due to the total blockade imposed by Israel. Recently, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that 33 trucks of humanitarian aid entered Gaza, Palestine, through the Rafah crossing on Sunday. The trucks carried various types of aid, including water, food and medical equipment.

Commenting on the situation, the President stressed that Indonesia continued to closely monitor the developments in Gaza and was very concerned about the deteriorating conditions in the region, especially from a humanitarian perspective.

In his statement, the President clearly and unequivocally emphasized the country's strong condemnation of indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian facilities in Gaza. He added that Indonesia continues to communicate with various parties to find a solution to this situation. The President also stated that the violence must stop immediately, ceasefire efforts must continue, and humanitarian aid efforts must be increased and accelerated.

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