Indonesia's Military Commander: Naval Hospital Ship Ready To Sail To Gaza

Indonesia's Military Commander: Naval Hospital Ship Ready To Sail To Gaza
KRI dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat-992 | PT PAL

The Commander of the Indonesian Military (TNI), Admiral Yudo Margono, has made a resolute commitment to deploying a naval hospital ship to offer crucial medical assistance to Palestinian victims in the Gaza Strip. He has underscored the high level of readiness exhibited by both the personnel and the naval fleet, affirming that they are fully prepared for the task at hand.

In his own words, Admiral Yudo stated, "The KRI (Indonesian warship) stands ready for this mission, owing to its status as a new vessel. I have absolute confidence in the crew and medical staff, who have undergone extensive preparations for this humanitarian endeavor." It is important to note that, before proceeding, the TNI must first engage in coordinated efforts with the Egyptian government to ensure the smooth and safe deployment of the hospital ship to the waters near Gaza. Notably, Indonesia possesses three hospital ships, all equipped with cutting-edge medical facilities and equipment, further enhancing their capacity to provide vital medical aid. 

Admiral Yudo also emphasized the extraordinarily dangerous nature of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, characterized by the intense clashes between Israel and Hamas. In his words, this is a war that adheres to no rules, referred to as 'ampyak awur-awur' in Javanese language, signifying its unpredictable and perilous nature. This underscores the necessity for exercising utmost caution and precision in providing assistance to those in need.

In a related development, the Indonesian Defense Minister, Prabowo Subianto, has disclosed that Indonesia had extended an offer to send a naval hospital ship to Palestine. This offer was made during discussions with the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zuhair Al-Shun. Minister Prabowo shared these intentions following a closed-door meeting at the Defense Ministry Building in Central Jakarta. Moreover, Prabowo has demonstrated his personal commitment to ensuring the success of this mission by expressing his readiness to travel to Cairo. His visit to Cairo is intended to facilitate coordination for the delivery of the hospital ship and various other forms of humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip in Palestine. He has conveyed, "With the President's permission, I am prepared to journey to Cairo for the purpose of coordinating with the Egyptian Defense Minister and possibly engaging with various key figures in the region." This underlines the dedication and determination of the Indonesian government to contribute to the humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip.

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