Indonesian, Malaysian netizens use social media to support Palestine on digital world

Indonesian, Malaysian netizens use social media to support Palestine on digital world

Known as staunch supporters of Palestine, Indonesian and Malaysian netizens express their support in various ways, primarily through the internet and social media.

Currently, online platforms serve as the primary channels for voicing protests and condemnations against Israel. Not only that, but they also target pro-Israel influencers.

Indonesian and Malaysian netizens actively utilize the internet to disseminate information about the Palestine-Israel conflict, call for boycotts, counter propaganda, and engage in verbal attacks against the Israeli military through comments and direct messages on social media. The disappointment of Indonesian netizens stems from their dissatisfaction with the Israeli military, often sharing content that portrays their comfortable lives while destroying Gaza and causing the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians.

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Many Israeli soldiers proudly upload their activities during attacks on Gaza, even creating parody content that seems to mock the Palestinian community's conditions.

For instance, they make videos playing with light and water while electricity and water supply in Gaza are disrupted, creating a demeaning impression for those losing access to these facilities.

The brutal actions of the Israeli military, such as seizing land and attacking mosques, often become the target of harsh comments from Indonesian netizens. They seek out Israeli military accounts and circulate them on social media to evoke negative reactions from the public.

Indonesian netizens are known for their sharp comments on social media, even in 2021 being considered among the least polite in Southeast Asia.

Nevertheless, dissatisfaction with the actions of the Israeli military continues to drive Indonesian netizens to express their disapproval through harsh comments and sharp messages, even prompting Israeli soldiers to lock their accounts to avoid backlash from Indonesian netizens. Through a post on Instagram, an Israeli soldier complained about the onslaught from hundreds of pro-Palestinian individuals bombarding their profile with a million messages of hatred, reflecting the significant impact of Indonesian netizens' actions in the online world.

"Wow, listen, it's truly horrifying. I don't know how, but hundreds of pro-Palestinian people just attacked my profile. I'm receiving a million messages of hatred. It's driving me insane," expressed one Israeli soldier on their Instagram, as reported from the account X @Ria_eyo.

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