"I Lert U", Thai Tourist Police safety app for tourists

"I Lert U", Thai Tourist Police safety app for tourists

Did you know that Thailand has an app specifically designed to keep travelers safe? 

Thailand has a mobile application called "Tourist Police I Lert U". This innovation aims to provide immediate public safety assistance to tourists in need.

Using the Global Positioning System (GPS), the app can easily display the exact location of users in dangerous situations, thus improving the response time of emergency services. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android operating systems. After installing the app, users can press the Request button to request assistance.

Tourists can also send information and photos directly from the scene to the War Room, the information center of the Tourist Police Hotline 1155. This initiative is important because it allows the police to assess the situation and respond accurately.
The War Room is monitored by officers 24 hours a day to ensure that help is available at all times. When an emergency signal is received, the information is immediately relayed to the nearest police unit, which can quickly provide assistance. As part of the response process, the police will call back the registered phone number to provide initial guidance and advice.

The Tourist Police App currently supports communication in English and Thai. The aim of the app is to ensure the safety and well-being of tourists so that they can enjoy Thailand's rich culture with peace of mind. 

Travelers planning to visit Thailand can download this app to receive assistance from the Thai police in case of an emergency.

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