Building Hope and Unity: UN Chief's New Year's Call to the World

Building Hope and Unity: UN Chief's New Year's Call to the World

In a video released ahead of 2024, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent greetings to the world, reflecting on the trials and tribulations of the past year and proposing a vision that fosters unity and optimism for the year ahead.

Highlighting pressing global issues that further exacerbate global challenges, the UN chief stressed that poverty and hunger continue to afflict many people, while conflicts and wars are increasing in number and intensity. Trust, both among nations and within societies, is considered "very low."

“Conflicts persist, claiming tens of thousands of civilian lives, many of them women and children. Millions have been driven from their homes, facing hunger and disease,” Guterres said.

He stressed the need to resist the temptation to blame and use violence, stating that pointing fingers and brandishing weapons will not lead to anything. Humanity will gain strength through unity.

Looking to the future, the senior UN official urged that the year 2024 be dedicated to "rebuilding trust and restoring hope".

Guterres emphasized the need to come together across differences to find common solutions. This includes taking decisive action on climate change, creating economic opportunities, and building a fairer global financial system that benefits all. He also stressed the importance of combating discrimination and hatred, which he said have strained relations between countries and communities.

In a broader context, Guterres stressed the need to ensure that technological developments, such as artificial intelligence, have a greater positive impact on the well-being of humanity.

Meanwhile, Guterres reiterated the UN's unwavering commitment to rallying the world for peace, sustainable development and human rights. He called on everyone to resolve to make 2024 a time to build trust and hope in all that can be achieved together.

“Let’s resolve to make 2024 a year of building trust and hope in all that we can accomplish together,” he concluded.

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