How Southeast Asia’s Top Brands Made It to the Global Top 30 in 2023?

How Southeast Asia’s Top Brands Made It to the Global Top 30 in 2023?

Nation branding encompasses a country's overall reputation and its strategic positioning in the global marketplace. Every year, the highly anticipated Brand Finance Nation Brands ranking assesses the world's most valuable nation brands, offering insights into how countries project themselves on the international stage.

The United States retains the top spot for 2023, while China and Germany hold firm in second and third place, respectively. However, the spotlight shines brightly on Southeast Asia, with four nations confidently securing positions within the top 30.

As the most valuable brand in Southeast Asia, 



ia leaps one spot to land at #14 globally. Singapore maintains its regional runner-up position (#26 globally), while the Philippines climbs one spot to #29. Despite a slight dip, Malaysia remains close behind at #30.

Thailand (#32) and Vietnam (#33) just miss the top 30, showcasing their growing brand strength. Myanmar emerges at #84, while Cambodia (#103) and Laos (#110) face steeper climbs.

Brand Finance evaluates two key aspects: a nation's financial performance (GDP) and its brand strength in the global marketplace, measured through perceptions research. Brand strength itself is assessed across pillars like brand investment, perceptions, and performance.


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