Top 5 Most Friendly Countries in Asia: Is Your Country in It?

Top 5 Most Friendly Countries in Asia: Is Your Country in It?

Four out of eleven countries in Southeast Asia top the list of the five friendliest countries in the Asian region, with Malaysia shining at the top. Results of a survey conducted by financial website Insider Monkey showed that Malaysia scored 2.20 in this ranking, making it not only the friendliest country in Asia but also the 15th friendliest country in the world.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates topped the list with a score of 2.52.

The other three Southeast Asian countries that made the list are Vietnam (third with a score of 1.67), the Philippines (fourth with a score of 1.63), and Singapore (fifth with a score of 1.51).

Malaysia is also ranked as one of the world's most immigrant-friendly countries, at 16th. With 10.7% of its total population made up of immigrants from other countries, including refugees, Malaysia demonstrates its commitment to welcoming and supporting diversity.

Interestingly, Yahoo! Finance and Insider Monkey also revealed that Malaysia has been recognized by HSBC as one of the best destinations for expatriates, ranking 25th. Furthermore, the report highlighted that the number of visitors reached 26 million last year, indicating a high visa approval rate, reinforcing our country's appeal as a friendly and attractive destination for tourists and foreign residents.

Malaysia has seen a notable strengthening in the 2024 Passport Index Rankings, ranking fourth as the world's most traveler-friendly destination. The country stands out for its visa-on-arrival services and Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which make it easier for travelers to enter the country.

Countries are evaluated and ranked using four different sources. Information is gathered from articles by Yahoo Finance and Insider Monkey, which discuss the 30 most friendly countries in the world and the 20 most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. In addition, the HSBC Expat Explorer ranking, which covers the top 46 destinations for expatriates, also contributes to the assessment.

Finally, the Passport Index 2024 Rankings contribute by assessing the ease with which these countries accept passports, either visa-free, visa-on-arrival or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

Each country is then scored and ranked by dividing its rank on the list by the total number of countries listed in the article. The scores are then accumulated to determine the overall performance of each country.

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