Malaysia's Tech Future Brightens as Microsoft Invest $2.2 Billion to Cloud, AI Services

Malaysia's Tech Future Brightens as Microsoft Invest $2.2 Billion to Cloud, AI Services

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has made further commitments during his short trip to Southeast Asia. Shortly after announcing investments in Indonesia, the company has now pledged to spend $2.2 billion over the next four years to build artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure in Malaysia.

Following his meeting with Nadella on Thursday, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said the investment would help Malaysia develop its AI capabilities.

Similar to the company's efforts in Indonesia, this investment is the largest in Microsoft's 32-year history in Malaysia. The investment plan includes developing cloud technology and AI infrastructure, providing AI training opportunities for 200,000 people, and supporting developers in the country. The aim is for the southern region of Johor to become a major hub for AI technology.

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In its statement, Microsoft also revealed plans to work with the Malaysian government to establish a National AI Excellence Centre and improve the country's cybersecurity capabilities.

Malaysia's Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, YB Senator Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Abdul Aziz, said he was proud to be working with the government to support the National AI Framework. This investment not only strengthens the country's global competitiveness, but also promotes digital inclusivity and economic growth, ensuring that every Malaysian is included in the new digital era.

Indeed, Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to support the global development of ]AI. Previously, Nadella announced a US$1.7 billion investment in Indonesia, while Microsoft also plans to establish a regional data centre in Thailand.

Microsoft has also announced plans for a $2.9 billion investment in Japan and a further $1.5 billion investment in Abu Dhabi. This brings Microsoft's total committed investment in Asia to more than $8 billion.

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