Bali's World Water Forum 2024 Brings Trillion-Dollar Opportunity to Indonesia

Bali's World Water Forum 2024 Brings Trillion-Dollar Opportunity to Indonesia

Indonesia will host the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) in Bali from 18-24 May 2024. This year's event will focus on the theme "Water for Shared Prosperity", in line with global efforts to find solutions to improve and manage sustainable water resources amid the uncertainties of climate change.

This global gathering represents a significant opportunity for Indonesia to attract trillions of rupiah worth of investment. This statement was made by Firdaus Ali, an advisor to the Minister of Public Works and Housing, in Badung, Bali, on Monday 6 May, through a press release issued by the 10th World Water Forum Communication and Media Team.

"There are several projects worth trillions of dollars," Firdaus said, as quoted from the written statement.

As the host country, Indonesia is not only committed to the successful hosting of the 10th WWF, but also seeks tangible outcomes that can be implemented by countries around the world through projects and real actions on the ground.

This global forum is not just ceremonial. Firdaus emphasised that the meeting would be a platform to talk about the situation on the ground and take concrete steps to solve it.

Earlier, Mohammad Zainal Fatah, secretary-general of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, said Indonesia would propose several strategic projects worth a total of US$9.6 billion. The list of these projects will be selected and compiled by the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas).

The 10th World Water Forum will focus on four main themes in 244 sessions attended by 43 ambassadors and four international organisations.

Heads of state and key figures from global financial institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and ADB will attend the event. Business meetings will also be held with strategic partners to discuss opportunities for cooperation and investment in water infrastructure development.

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