Calling All Tourists, Students, and 'Digital Nomads': Thailand's Extended Visa Stays for Your Perfect Getaway!

Calling All Tourists, Students, and 'Digital Nomads': Thailand's Extended Visa Stays for Your Perfect Getaway!
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Thailand will extend the length of stay for tourists, postgraduate students and remote workers as well as improve visa conditions for retirees starting in June. This was revealed on Tuesday in a bid to boost the tourism sector, a key pillar of the country's economy amid a slowing economy.

The new policy is part of a strategy to increase the number of tourists, especially from fast-growing key markets, by extending the visa stay from 30 to 60 days. Starting next month, tourists from 93 countries will be allowed to stay in Thailand for up to 60 days, up from the current 57 countries, government spokesman Chai Wacharonke said.

Here are the new rules:

  • Postgraduate Students: Stay extended for 1 year after graduation with certification from the Ministry of Higher Education. This aims to assist them in finding jobs in Thailand.
  • Digital Nomads: "Destination Thailand" visa valid for 5 years with a maximum stay of 180 days per visit (extendable for another 180 days with another THB 10,000 ($270) fee). This policy targets remote workers, freelancers, and enthusiasts of Thai culture.
  • Retirees: Health insurance requirements for long-term visas reduced from THB 3 million  ($82,000) to THB 440,000($12,000), valid for September-December appllicants. E-visa application services also expanded to 94 Thai consulates/embassies, up from 47.


Thailand has recorded tourist arrivals throughout the year with 14.3 million tourists as of May 26, targeting 40 million foreign arrivals and revenues of 3.5 trillion baht (approximately $95.73 billion). 

Thailand saw a significant increase in the number of visitors last year compared to the previous year, with more than 24.5 million visitors. The government aims to attract 25 to 30 million foreign tourists during this period. Revenue from these visits nearly reached 1.03 trillion baht (about $29.6 billion).

However, this figure is still below the pre-pandemic record of 40 million visits in 2019. Data from the Ministry of Tourism shows that Thailand's tourism industry growth has slowed compared to neighboring countries, prompting innovative efforts to revive the economy.

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