Seeking Work Abroad? Singapore Ranks 8th Globally as Most Desired Work Destination

Seeking Work Abroad? Singapore Ranks 8th Globally as Most Desired Work Destination

Singapore ranks second in Asia and eighth globally as the most desirable place to work, according to the latest report from a joint survey by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), The Network and The Stepstone Group. The report, "Decoding Global Talent 2024," is based on a survey of more than 150,000 employees from 188 countries.

The availability of quality job opportunities and the balance between quality of life, income, taxes and cost of living are the main attractions for employees seeking employment in Singapore. They are also interested in aspects such as safety, stability, and the country's innovation and digital transformation.

List of the most desirable countries to work:

1. Australia
2. United States
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. Germany
6. Japan
7. Switzerland
8. Singapore
9. France
10. Spain

Many professionals from neighboring Asian countries are highly interested in relocating to Singapore. Malaysia leads the way with 30%, followed by Thailand (22%), Indonesia (19%), the Philippines (14%) and Hong Kong (13%). Interestingly, despite the distance, there is significant interest in working in Singapore from countries with large populations such as China (6%) and India (5%).

They are targeting jobs in marketing and media, digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, high-skilled professions such as business management, engineering and research labs are increasingly favored by international talent as they can explore these roles more fully in Singapore.

Overall, the survey also shows that global workers who choose to move abroad do so primarily for career advancement. Those willing to take this step cite financial and economic reasons (64% of respondents) and career considerations such as work experience (56%) as their main motivations.

This research also highlights that employees who choose to move abroad expect companies to provide strong support in terms of relocation and integration into an inclusive international work culture. Most respondents (79%) expect help with housing, while 78% expect help with visas and work permits. In addition, nearly two-thirds (69%) need help with the relocation process, and more than half (54%) need support and training in foreign languages.

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