Get Ready for Prambanan Jazz Festival 2024! #SatuDekadeBersama with Special Concept

Get Ready for Prambanan Jazz Festival 2024! #SatuDekadeBersama with Special Concept
Credit: Instagram/@prambananjazz

The Prambanan Jazz Festival is back to delight jazz lovers in Indonesia! This annual music festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of togetherness. With the hashtag #SatuDekadeBersama, the event will be held over three days: July 5, 6, and 7, 2024.

Even more special this year, Prambanan Jazz Festival will feature a broader concept of collaboration, not only among musicians but also with artists, journalists, and communities involved in performing arts and entertainment.

As announced on the official social media account @prambananjazz, the event will not only offer music but also present Pasaraya Prambanan Jazz. Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of traditional and contemporary culinary delights to indulge PJF Lovers attending the festival.

Additionally, there will be FOX's Sparkling Village, a collaboration with sponsors that will beautify the temple park with decorative lights, enhancing the ambiance from evening until night.

Furthermore, the PJF Cultural Escape, a tour program around Jogja, will take place from morning to afternoon before the three-day music performances begin. Organized by the berkain community, this activity collaborates with textile enthusiasts, allowing PJF Lovers to experience the comfort of wearing traditional fabrics in various settings.

Moreover, there will be a Memorabilia Archive Exhibition, a collaboration between PJF Lovers, photojournalists, and the documentation team, showcasing the 10-year journey of the Prambanan Jazz Festival through a photo exhibition in the festival area.

In addition to these programs, Prambanan Jazz Festival offers various other exciting events. With the array of attractions, the festival aims not only to create an extraordinary musical experience but also to emphasize the importance of safety, order, and cleanliness for its visitors.

For those who haven't got their tickets yet, there is still an opportunity to purchase tickets for Prambanan Jazz 2024. Tickets on the spot can be purchased online on the Traveloka platform. Join us for the biggest jazz event of the year at the Prambanan Jazz Festival!

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