Vietnam Edges Out Japan as South Koreans' Most Popular Summer Destination

Vietnam Edges Out Japan as South Koreans' Most Popular Summer Destination
Credit: Ngọc Tuấn Ngọc/Pixabay

The analysis of travel trends for the third quarter of 2024 by Kyowon Tour Travel Easy shows that Vietnam has surpassed Japan as the most popular overseas destination for Korean people.

For the first time, Vietnam achieved a reservation rate of 13.7%, surpassing Japan's 13.2%. China ranked third with 11.7%, followed by Thailand with 7.1% and Mongolia in fourth place. This shift indicates a new trend in Korean travel preferences, with Vietnam becoming increasingly attractive to tourists.

While Vietnam and Japan still dominate the list of preferred destinations in the third quarter of 2024, China shows a significant rise in popularity. This is due to the resumption of flights to China by many airlines during the summer.

This year's Chuseok holiday, which lasts longer than usual (September 14-22), is expected to trigger a surge in demand for overseas travel. Japan remains the top destination with 17% of bookings, followed by China with 14.7% and Vietnam in third place with 14.4%.

The impact of inflation has prompted Koreans to choose short-haul overseas destinations during the holiday season or take early vacations to avoid the peak season and save costs, according to an executive at Kyowon Tour Travel Easy.

Nevertheless, Vietnam remains a popular destination for South Korean tourists, especially after it reopened its doors to international visitors. This summer, many Korean tourists have chosen to relax and enjoy summer activities on Vietnam's beautiful beaches.

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, South Korea remains the largest source of tourists for Vietnam in the first three months of 2024, with over 1.2 million arrivals, marking a 10 percent increase compared to last year.

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