Suicide Rates in Southeast Asia, 2024

Singapore has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest suicide rate in Southeast Asia, according to data published by CEOWORLD Magazine. The country ranks 54th globally, with a suicide rate of 11.2 per 100,000 people. This statistic places Singapore at the top of the list within its region, highlighting a significant mental health challenge that needs to be addressed.

In stark contrast, the Philippines boasts the lowest suicide rate in Southeast Asia, underscoring the variability in mental health outcomes across the region. The difference between these countries emphasizes the diverse social, cultural, and economic factors that influence mental health and the importance of tailored strategies to prevent suicide and support those in crisis.

Rafa Sukoco

An Indonesian, born into a multiethnic family, with a passion for traveling, culinary experiences, and delving into history and religion. Enjoying life through listening and sharing stories.
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