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The Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses You’ve Never Seen Are From Asia

The Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses You’ve Never Seen Are From Asia


History of the White Wedding Dress

When you think of a wedding, there’s a rush of visual and emotional motifs that are ingrained in our modern conception of matrimonial bliss, but nothing is more iconic than the wedding dress. Or, to be more specific, the white wedding dress. But when and why did we begin to associate bridal fashion with the color white?

Queen Victoria began the trend of wearing a white dress when she wed Prince Albert in 1840. Before then, wedding gowns were actually made of the most fashionable colors of the time, with red being a popular choice. Ever since then, in Europe, North and South America, and elsewhere around the world, the white dress has dominated wedding fashion.

White wedding dress. Image: Buzzfeed
White wedding dress. Image: Buzzfeed

The white dress, then, is of Western origins, and its influence doesn’t necessarily apply to all corners of the globe, especially across the Asian continent. It’s possible that brides typically wear white in countries where Christianity is the dominant religion. In fact, white was originally a color for mourning and continues to be associated with funerals across Asia.

Image: Buzzfeed
Image: Buzzfeed

Asia, in particular, offers a wide variety of dazzling cultural dresses that continue to be worn for wedding ceremonies today. Many brides throughout Asia wear their country’s traditional cultural gowns in addition to the white, more Westernized dress.

Below, a series of amazing fashion designers from five Asian nations present two bridal looks: the first more traditional, and the second more contemporary. These gorgeous gowns will make you rethink why we ever started exclusively wearing white in the first place.

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