Bitexco Financial Tower – The Best view in Saigon

Bitexco Financial Tower – The Best view in Saigon

The Bitexco Financial Tower. it stands out large amongst other high rises in the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh City. From the ground, it bares down at you like a giant standing out from the pack. The unique sky rise is truly quite the spectacle on the gazing eye.

It is the viewing area of the Skydeck of the 49th floor when you get hit for a home run. Getting off the elevator, you step out and stare in the distance at a city that is full energy and in masses of traffic. From above, you can’t help feel in a bit piece amongst the chaos.


Where is it

Bitexco is in a popular tourist spot of district one with plenty of other attractions like Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Centre and Nguyen Hue Walking Street close by.

Once you’re in the general vicinity of the building, look up and you will see the uniquely designed tower. Finding the building won’t be problem from this point as you head ticker office and up the express elevator to the Sky deck.

Bitexco Financial Tower. Image: Fairdinkumtraveller
Bitexco Financial Tower. Image: Fairdinkumtraveller


The cost

The Bitexco Financial Tower is probably the one thing in Vietnam that comes with bit of a cost (is still relatively cheap). The cost up to the Sky deck is 200000 Dong. Which is about $9USD or about $12AUD. So yeah, not much really and worth it.


A little history

The Bitexco Financial Tower is a new building in the schemes of the things. The ground breaking began in 2005, construction started in 2007 and it was officially opened October 31 of 2010. They don’t mess around in Vietnam.

Great views from the Bitexco Financial Tower. Image:
Great views from the Bitexco Financial Tower. Image:


Go on a clear day

It goes without saying. If you plan on going to any building or other venue with a view, go on a clear day. Don’t waste your money on an overcast day. Ho Chi Minh City is quite picturesque with all the rivers and canals running through the city. It is also exciting to see the cranes and new buildings in progress, it gives you a sense that is a city that’s fast changing and in a hurry.


The Verdict

Come for the stunning views and stay for a little bit of a shop, eat or movie in the mall on the lower floors. The Bitexco Financial Tower is an icon of the city and more than requires a visit to see the rapidly changing growth of Ho Chi Minh City.


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