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Indonesian Students Made It to the Final Round of Airbus Competition

Indonesian Students Made It to the Final Round of Airbus Competition

Three students from Indonesia studying at Institut d’Administration des Entreprises – IAE Toulouse, ISAE Supaero and Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC), France made it be one of the five finalists on Airbus “Fly Your Ideas” competition. The team is lead by the one and only female member in the their group, Raisa Rico. Endorsed by UNESCO, this competition is conducted to challenge students to develop new technologies and business models to shape the future of aviation industry.

Raisa Rico, Mukhtar Amin, and Dicky Adhitya Dwiantoro came together in “PassEx” team to develop a revolutionary boarding system that used a real-time mobile app to assign boarding status to passengers according to their luggage size. The Compact Luggage Strategy (CLS) addressed the current storage issues in overhead compartments by distributing passengers across the aircraft based on the luggage size.

"PassEx" Team. Image: Maverick/Airbus Fly Your Ideas

Their idea was critically acclaimed by the panel of 60 Airbus experts and innovator, judged to be the potential solution for a sustainable aviation industry. Their innovation embodied the alternative business model, improved passengers’ experience, and flight operations.

They were selected from over 350 entries or 5.499 participants from 89 countries and a wide variety of disciplines from Natural Sciences to Engineering and Business.

In this final round, they will spend a week at the Airbus ProtoSpace facility to develop prototype, test and visualize their ideas using the state-of-the-art equipment with personal guidance from Airbus.

Tim PassEx. Image:
Tim PassEx. Image:

 “With Fly Your Ideas 2017, Airbus offers its innovation expertise to team up with universities and their most inventive students,” said Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering.

“We value and encourage this type of mutually-beneficial collaboration, enabling students to apply their creativity in an exceptionally rich learning environment and to prepare for a highly-competitive job market. For Airbus, it is an opportunity to nurture new ideas from the imaginative and unrestrained thinking of fresh minds.”

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The five finalists were based in France, Australia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, and the UK. Their innovative projects included design engineering to disruptive business models, such as using commercial aircraft as an alternative to satellite imagery, improved flow and efficiency of airport taxi, private stowage compartment, and aerial firefighting platform.

The winning team will receive €30,000 prize with the runner-up team receiving €15,000 at a live event taking place on 17th May in Toulouse.

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