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Cempedak, The Tropical Paradise of Indonesia's  New Private - Island Resort

Cempedak, The Tropical Paradise of Indonesia's New Private - Island Resort

A decade ago, Andre Dixon and his partner opened a private-isle resort in the Riau archipelago, precisely in Nikoi private Island. Now, the Australian banker turned hotelier has unveiled the next big project, a second private island just a short speedboad away from Nikoi. Debuted in March on more than 42 acres of rainforest and the secluded white-sand beaches, Cempedak Island is rising up as the new private island destination. There lie just 20 villas, each hidden among the verdant thickest for total privacy.


It was designed by Miles Humphrey who was also designed Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve with Bali’s Temple – like. The accommodations are constructed entirely of sustainable bamboo, recycled teak, and rubber wood, and topped with thatch grass roofing. With creature comforts like organic linens, private saltwater swimming pools, and sprawling terraces that spill out onto the sand.


Cempedak offers plenty of reasons to step away from your villa, too. Only 30 minutes from Nikoi private-island, the tropical retreat will feature you like a cocoon giving a unique architectural experience of being nestled in a lush tropical paradise. And like Nikoi, it disdains all but the most necessarily technology and bells-and-whistles luxe. Who needs air con where there are sea breezes, and who watches television in so idyllic a setting?

Guests can enjoy a grass tennis court and a long list of aquatic activities, including scuba diving and snorkeling in the surrounding crystalline waters. The cocktail bar, raised high over the jungle treetops, provides a dramatic front-row seat for sunset, and the Indonesian restaurant highlights regional dishes like mie goreng and gado-gado with impeccable precision.


Regardless of where you spend your time, you’re sure to find company from the wild locals—sea otters swirl around in the shallow coastal waters, rare silver-leaf monkeys swing in the trees above, and even the critically endangered pangolin make very occasional appearances. If you love nature, unique architecture, soft white sand, gentle ocean breezes, and sparkling azure waters, then this island will indulge all of your senses.

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