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Design: Stunningly-designed Alice Smith School
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Design: Stunningly-designed Alice Smith School

The Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur has been celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016.

The history of the school since 1946 closely reflects that of international education as a whole – with the primary school growing steadily through the 1960s (when opening a secondary section was seriously considered for the first time) a trend that accelerated in the 70s and 80s.

By investing in good facilities, this international school help to create the right environment for current and future students to receive a holistic education, to attract and retains an excellent team of teachers.

With the support of an education planner, it has devised a comprehensive master plan which will ensure that the school’s facilities and environment are evolving in line with the rapidly evolving teaching and learning requirements for the 21st century.

Currently, a new project by iP.LCW, MvS Architects for this one of the oldest British international schools in Asia, in Jalan Bellamy campus is taking place.

Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography

Through this development, the master-plan was designed to carefully phase in a series of new buildings and renovation projects over a seven year period. Phase one involved the design of a Cafeteria and a One-Stop Centre for parents.

These facilities are housed in a new two-storey building with a roof garden. This building, pictured here, provides a gateway to the school while its program offers support for students and parents alike.

Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography

The Cafeteria and One-Stop Centre comprises a ground level open air shaded cafeteria, which seats 200 children for meals, is serviced by an industrial kitchen that also provides catering for the balance of the campus.

Rising over a sunken play area to the east is the vertical circulation stack of the building that is made up of a dynamic external stair adjacent to the elevator. On the first floor, the building houses a parents deli and other programs for staff and parents including the administration office, transport office, parent teacher meeting rooms, uniform shop and toilets.

Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography

The façade leans out over the adjacent sporting area, shading itself from the hot tropical sun, while three trees on the roof keep the overall structure cool and provide an area of respite elevated views of the campus.

The variegated façades of the building are a metaphor for an education which encourages the simultaneous development of unity around a common curriculum, and individuality around the personal development of each and every student.

Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography
Source Image: Lin Ho Photography

Herewith are some details about the school if you're still curious on this educational institution which operates on two sites, over 20 kilometres apart, with the secondary campus based in Equine Park:

1. The Alice Smith School is a leading British International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2. The school is a non-profit making co-education day school for students between the ages of 4-19.

3. The school roll is approximately 1533 students.

4. There are 46 nationalities represented: the UK/Commonwealth (44%); Malaysia (37%); with the remainder coming from a wide range of countries in Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.

5. There are currently 80 students in graduating class of 2017.

6. There are no entry requirements for the school apart from the ability to fully access and benefit from an education in the medium of English; we are a fully English speaking school.

7. The school year runs from September to July, following a three term cycle.

8. The majority of our students come from homes where one or both parents have professional or business backgrounds.

9. The majority of the teaching faculty is recruited in Britain with experience of teaching the UK curriculum; the student to teacher ratio is 10:1.

10. The school has a history of high academic achievement compared to both the majority of schools in the UK and similar British International schools in Asia.

Source: Alice Smith School Official Website, International Teacher Magazine


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