World's 10 Deepest Points of the Ocean, Two Found in Southeast Asia

World's 10 Deepest Points of the Ocean, Two Found in Southeast Asia

Ocean beds are fascinating in their own accord. Their very depth is what makes them so enchanting. Most oceans go up to depths of several thousand meters. But what is the deepest part of the ocean exactly? Scientifically speaking, it refers to the maximum depth of a point that can be accessed or defined.

Every such deepest part ocean is referred to as deep trenches. But if we were to consider the deepest depth of the ocean, we’d be truly amazed. Herewith is the list of various points that mark deepest points of oceans:

1. Mariana Trench

Better known as the deepest point on earth’s surface, this trench lies in the Pacific Ocean, at Challenger Deep. Located at a depth of about 10.91 km or 11,033 meter below sea level, this trench runs for 2,550 kilometer, somewhere below the expanse of water lying between Australia and Japan.

2. Tonga Trench

Close behind the deepest trench lies Tonga Trench which lies about 10,882 m below sea level. Present in Pacific Ocean too, this is the second deepest depth of the ocean that has been explored through human efforts.

3. Kuril- Kamchatka Trench

Another deepest part ocean belonging to the Pacific Ocean, this trench lies at a considerable depth of 10,500 m below sea level.

Lying close to Kuril Island and off the coast of Kamchatka, this trench is responsible for many ocean bed volcanic activities in this region.

4. Philippine Trench

At a depth of 10,540 m, this trench makes fourth deepest part of the ocean in the world and the Pacific Ocean, both.

The Mathisen Corollary blog
The Mathisen Corollary blog

5. Kermadec Trench

Another deep ocean trench lying in the Pacific Ocean is Kermadec Trench at a depth of 10,047 m making it the fifth deepest part of ocean.

It runs for about a thousand kilometers before finally joining with the Louisville Seamount chain.

6. Puerto Rico Trench

Found in the Atlantic Ocean, this trench marks the deepest point in this ocean and sixth deepest point found on earth’s surface. Found at a depth of 8,800 m and a length of over 800 kilometer, this trench has been responsible for many tragic tsunami and earth quake activities of this region with the one with highest value on Richter scale being 8.1 in 1953. Efforts for complete mapping of this trench have been going on for a long time now

7. South Sandwich Trench

Lying in Atlantic Ocean, this trench makes the second deepest point found in this ocean. It is at a depth of about 8,428 m and runs for over 956 km, making it one of the most noticeable trenches of the world.

This trench is associated with an active volcanic arc.

8. Romanche Trench

It lies at a depth of 7,760 m and runs 300 km long, close to the equator. This makes it the third deepest trench of the Atlantic Ocean and in the list of top fifteen deepest parts of the oceans of the world.

This trench plays a major role in uniform distribution of water in this particular part of Atlantic Ocean.

9. Java Trench

At a depth of 7,725 m, this trench is the deepest part of Indian Ocean. Also referred to as Sunda trench sometimes, it lies close to the islands of Indian Ocean including Java, Sumatra and Andaman Islands.

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10. Eurasian Basin

Found under the frozen waters of Arctic Ocean, this trench lies at a depth of 5,450 m and runs for about 350 kilometer. This trench marks the deepest point of the Arctic Ocean and 20th deepest part of any ocean in the world.

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