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Online Marketplaces in Southeast Asia : The Rank and Competition

Akhyari Hananto3 days ago
Southeast Asia consists of 11 countries, with six of those leading the region economically: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines ...

The Most Chosen Brands In The World 2021

Akhyari Hananto3 days ago
Coca-Cola remains the world’s most chosen brand for the ninth consecutive year, picked 6.5 billion times globally during the year, ...

Meet the Most Popular Candy, Chocolate Bar in Selected Asian Countries

Akhyari Hananto4 days ago
  Holidays abroad are a chance to experience everything a country has to offer: its attractions, its culture, its people…and its candy ...

World Map of Most Popular Streaming Service in Every Country

Akhyari Hananto2 weeks ago
TV isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of having four main channels and a fifth one ...

Top 20 Cities in Asia Pacific with Best Startup Ecosystem 2021

Akhyari Hananto2 weeks ago
The Asia-Pacific region has a total of 161 startup ecosystems in the global top 1000, in a Global Startup Ecosystem ...

Global Cyber Security Index 2020: Asia-Pacific Countries Ranked

Akhyari Hananto3 weeks ago
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected how societies operate. As the pandemic began to take hold in April 2020, Akamai ...

"AirAsia SuperApp and Gojek to Rock the Industry"

Akhyari Hananto3 weeks ago
AirAsia is revving up the expansion of its super-app footprint in Southeast Asia with the acquisition of Indonesian ride-hailing and payments ...

These are Airlines with the Highest COVID Safety Ratings

Akhyari Hananto4 weeks ago
It is the world’s first COVID-19 Safety Accreditation for the airline industry, regarded as a global benchmark for defining safe ...

Ranked: Southeast Asia's Most-peaceful Nations 2021

Akhyari Hananto4 weeks ago
Asia has it all: impressive sights and sounds, intense cultural experiences, and peaceful natural retreats just waiting to be discovered. Each country within this ...

Global Wealth Creation in 2020 Withstands Pandemic : Credit Suisse

Akhyari Hanantoone month ago
Total wealth worldwide grew 7.4 percent in 2020, according to Credit Suisse Research Institute’s 'Global Wealth Report 2021', with individual ...