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Indonesia Embraces The New Train Factory in 2019
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Indonesia Embraces The New Train Factory in 2019

While PT INKA facing the limitation of production capacity in Madiun, East Java, Banyuwangi then, after adequate consideration has the answer at its best. In response to increase the capacity of production, as is to be planned, 2019 at the second semester would be the realization for the new factory to operate in Banyuwangi, West Java.

Given the few reasons on located in Banyuwangi as the new factory of PT INKA to build, Muhammad Nur Shodiq as Director of Finance and Human Resources of PT INKA stated that this new factory will be on the land of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), specifically in Kalipuro region, Banyuwangi. This happens to be a whole of other opportunity for the employee in which this is coexist in creating 1000 labors of this INKA industry for Banyuwangi.

With the value of investment reached 600 billion rupiah, as may be considered, Kalipuro area offers what it means best to do construction here. First, it is through strategic requirement PT INKA viewed, this mean concludes the bearing of how factory is close to the port and also how this location was supported by equipped infrastructure. In many ways, it would be very helping for PT INKA to fill of export orders or export shipments. Most noticeably, in Banyuwangi master plan, this area is also planned bypassed by the highway. “It is surely very efficient later on,” said Sodiq.

Exporting car to Bangladesh by PT INKA Madiun in Tanjung Perak Port ( FAIZAL)
Exporting car to Bangladesh by PT INKA Madiun in Tanjung Perak Port ( FAIZAL)

Suffice it to say here Sodiq targeted that on March 2018 this project will be started to build and operated in the following year to be exact. Subsequently, this factory later on will be made as the train factory made from stainless steel and aluminum, he added. “It is widely possible for Banyuwangi being the main industry of PT INKA in the future but what’s clear by now we have two big factories in Madiun and Banyuwangi,” stated Sodiq.

So the construction will help creating job opportunity, Shodiq said that he hopes the need of these labors can be filled through vocational school in Banyuwangi. He is also stated that he hopes Banyuwangi can establish vocational high school majoring in railway besides shipping major that already exist before in Banyuwangi. Looking around, Shodiq argues particularly to this issue, “railway employees are indeed need specialization.” During this time, even to fulfill the employees in Madiun we still lack of people to fit in. In other words, “we need to cooperation with the vocational high school in Banyuwangi to supply the labor for PT INKA,” said Sodiq.

Understandably, Yusuf Widyatmoko as the vice regent of Banyuwangi is welcomingly open towards this new construction of PT INKA. He continues that local government will give the support towards continuity of this industry. “We are very happy Banyuwangi as being the place of PT INKA factory construction. Furthermore this industry will absorb many labors coming from vocational school here in Banyuwangi and not to mention to specializing them with the skills need to fit in. We do hope everything running well,” closed Yusuf.

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