Top 5 Places in Eastern Indonesia According to Travel Bloggers

Top 5 Places in Eastern Indonesia According to Travel Bloggers

Year-end holidays are the right time to escape your daily routine. Five tourist destinations in eastern Indonesia may interest you.

“Because eastern Indonesia boasts fair weather, which different to Jakarta that sees frequent rain showers in the past couple of months,” says a travel blogger Satya Winnie.

Here are 5 recommended tourist spots in eastern Indonesia as mentioned by travel bloggers.


1. Banda Neira

Part of the Banda Islands in Central Maluku regency, Banda Neira served as a nutmeg trade center during the Dutch colonial era. Visitors can expect to see several historic remnants, including Belgica Fortress.

The area itself consists of several islands, such as the islands of Hatta, Nailaka and Rhon, which boast picturesque white-sandy beaches and perfect snorkeling and diving spots. 

In addition to water activities, tourists can also marvel at the islands' panoramic beauty from a height of 650 meters by climbing Banda Volcano.


2. Raja Ampat

Situated in West Papua, Raja Ampat is famous for its breathtaking underwater scenery. It has even been dubbed one of the top 10 diving spots in the world. 

Home to several islands, hopping between them requires quite expensive sea transportation. Therefore, visitors are advised to travel in groups as sharing the costs of transportation will allow them to vacation more affordably.


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3. Ternate

On the slopes of Mount Gamalama, Ternate island, North Maluku, the city of Ternate is home to the famous view of Maitara and Tidore Islands, which can found on the Rp 1000 bill. 

Enjoying the view from the slopes of Mt. Gamalama, marvelling at the uniquely green Lake Tolire and snorkelling in the pristine waters around the island are among the most recommended outdoor activities on offer.

Visitors can also visit several colonial-era forts, including Kastela, Kota Janji and Oranje Fortress. 


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4. Togean 

The Togean Islands in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi, are home to a marine park blessed with rich coral reefs and protected marine biota, including the giant pilot whales, coral catsharks and manta rays. It is also inhabited by green turtles.

Conveniently located snorkelling and diving spots make it easy to enjoy the underwater beauty, with a mangrove forest as a backdrop.


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5. Kei Islands

Located in the southeast of Maluku regency, the Kei Islands boast pristine white-sandy beaches. 

In addition to diving and snorkeling, tourists can also opt to dive at Hawang Cave, which is connected to a natural spring called Evu. The islands are also home to pelicans that migrate to Maluku from Australia and Papua New Guinea.

For history buffs, the Kei Islands are also home to Luvat Cave, which has walls adorned with prehistoric paintings.


Source: Tempo | The Jakarta Post

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