The 2018's Most Powerful Nation In Asia

The 2018's Most Powerful Nation In Asia
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The Asia Power Index 2018 by the Lowy Institute measures a country’s power by eight categories: economic resources, military capability, resilience, future trends, diplomatic influence, economic relationships, defense networks and cultural influence -- each having a different weight in the final scoring.

Economic resources and military capability are weighted heavier than other categories.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Countries with scores above 70 are classified as superpowers, countries with scores between 40.0 and 70.0 are major powers, those with higher than 10.0 are middle powers, and below 10.0 are minor powers.

According to this latest study, few Southeast Asian countries are listed in the Overall Power index and herewith is the full list with their respective scores:

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The Jakarta Post reported the index ranks Indonesia as the 10th strongest among 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region after Singapore (eighth) and Malaysia (ninth).

The United States and China still dominate the region, followed by Japan, India and Russia.


Source : The Jakarta Post

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