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Facebook's First Community Hub in Southeast Asia
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Facebook's First Community Hub in Southeast Asia

Social media giant Facebook launched on Wednesday its Ruang Komunal Indonesia community hub at One Pacific Place in South Jakarta.

Facebook policy programs director Clair Deevy said at a media conference that the space was the first of its kind in the world, and was available to any community group, not just Facebook groups.

Deevy said that in the past two years, the tech company had worked with many community groups and non-profit organizations in Indonesia that were struggling to bring people face-to-face, and that Ruang Komunal Indonesia was created in response to the situation.

“We felt that there was an opportunity in Indonesia, [particularly] Jakarta, to create a space where online communities could come together offline,” she said.

Ruang Komunal Indonesia was designed as a flexible facility that would allow groups to hold a variety of activities from presentations to gatherings, and was also equipped with a small kitchen and a Wi-Fi connection.

Groups that wanted to use the free space should register and pre-book the space online.

“We are looking for a really diverse variety of groups.

"The focus is really on groups that bring and build communities together, create positive content [and] are looking to bring people from different backgrounds together to create a strong community,” she said.

Source : The Jakarta Post


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