Top 17 Most On-Time Airlines in Southeast Asia (June 2018 )

Top 17 Most On-Time Airlines in Southeast Asia (June 2018 )
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It's already passed half of the year and key players in the aviation industry are still striving their best in providing good service to the travellers.

One of them of course, on On-Time Performance (OTP) which calculated all about arriving on time, and not the departure time.

Just a little recap on the industry standard method of measuring punctuality, experts agreed that OTP scores and awards accept 15 minutes within scheduled arrival as on-time.  

For June this year, as extracted from the OAG's monthly report, herewith Seasia compiled the Southeast Asian airlines' OTP percentage scores on how they performed in this specification, which recorded more than 3,000 flights in a month;

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

Not so much difference for the Top 5 list as compared to the previous month. But there are few changes in rankings for the rest listed within the top 17 regional airlines.

OAG has the world’s largest network of air travel data, including the definitive schedules database of more than 900 airlines and over 4,000 airports.

With the most extensive flight status information database in the market, OAG handles more than 57 million records of flight status updates per year, processes 1.4 billion requests and continues to deliver in excess of 35 million dynamic flight status updates daily.

Source: OAG Official Monthly Report

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