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(RANKED) Southeast Asian's Most Punctual Airports, According to OAG's Performance Ratings

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
Its definition of on-time performance, or OTP, is flights that arrive or depart within 15 minutes of their scheduled times. ...

Top 17 Most On-Time Airlines in Southeast Asia (June 2018 )

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
OTP scores and awards accept 15 minutes within scheduled arrival as on-time. Or at least not too late. ...

LATEST: Southeast Asia's Most On Time Airports (June 2018)

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
Herewith is the latest on-time (OTP) performance for Airport category as compiled by OAG. ...

On-Time Performance for The World's Airports 2018. Here is the Southeast Asian Rankings

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
This ongoing accreditation programme which awards all airlines and airports a star rating twice yearly based on 12 months' rolling performance. ...

Southeast Asia's Most (and Least) On-time Airlines

Adelaida Salikha6 years ago
The OTP global rankings for Airlines for January 2018 is made available recently and herewith is the full details. ...