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(RANKED) Punctuality Performance of World's Top Airlines - The Southeast Asian Airlines' Rankings

(RANKED) Punctuality Performance of World's Top Airlines - The Southeast Asian Airlines' Rankings

OAG, the world’s leading provider of travel data and insight has released its annual On-time Performance (OTP) Star Ratings, which accredits the top airlines and airports worldwide for superior punctuality performance.

Across Asia, the continued strong on-time results of airlines are reflected as eight carriers receiving 5-star ratings, with Garuda Indonesia (91.6 per cent) topping the highest annual OTP.

This is followed by All Nippon Airways (85.2 per cent), IndiGo (81.5 per cent), Japan Airlines (84.3 per cent), Qantas (84.3 per cent), Thai AirAsia (83.8 per cent) and Singapore Airlines (83.2 per cent), which also delivered impressive results, achieving 4 stars.

OAG’s annual rating system is a global accreditation programme (on-time results in the 12 months to May 2019) that recognises exceptional OTP across all airports and airlines, regardless of size.

Full list of the awarded airlines and airports available at OAG website.

For overall airlines from Southeast Asia, these are all the giants together with their OTP score and number of operations/flights, measured between June 2018 until May 2019:

(MAIN/NATIONAL AIRLINES) (OTP per cent) (Number of Operations)

1. Garuda Indonesia (91.6 per cent) (16,408)
2. Bangkok Airways (87.4) (6,121)
3. Singapore Airlines (83.2) (7,528)
4. Malaysia Airlines (77.5) (12,384)
5. Thai Airways International (70.2) (6,397)
6. Philippine Airlines (65.8) (9,900)
7. Philippine AirAsia Inc. (63.1) (4,085)

(LOW-COST AIRLINES) (OTP per cent) (Number of Operations)

1. Jetstar Asia (84.6) (2,543)
2. Thai AirAsia (83.8) (11,836)
3. Indonesia AirAsia (77.4) (3,562)
4. AirAsia (76.7) (18,266)
5. Cebgo (70.1) (2,546)
6. AirAsia X (66.1) (1,681)
7. Thai Lion Air (61.6) (5,321)
8. Cebu Pacific Air (56.0) (9,006)

Source : OAG Official Website


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